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  1. thanks for the info. I will put the 96 motor in the car and leave the trans, only problem I had with it was it wouldnt shift on its own from 4th to 3rd. ocei, all the plugs and locations on the two motor are identical. possibly was I was lied to on what year the motor is....? I'm not seeing a reason to swap manifolds and harness. possibly something else I'm not aware of, as there was with the trans differences. (the motor and trans were pulled after the previous owner wreaked the car, I've never seen the car they came from, just going on what I was told about them)
  2. hello all, I'm new to the forum... I'm swapping a 96 ej25 motor and TZ102Z2ABA transmission into my 99 LGT (ej25 motor, TZ1A2ZJEAA transmission) The research I've done shows the 4.444 ratio on both transmission to rear ends. (please correct me if you have differing info) Everything lines up the same except the plugs from the car to the 102z2aba transmission are different. The plugs have the same number of pins but are different in shape. The wiring from the old trans to the new are different colors. I can't find a wiring diagram or info from someone that has done this swap before and am not sure where to go from here...