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    Searched for the fuel pump location
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    I just bought this car and it broke down before I got home. My best guess is the fuel pump is bad.
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    1988 DL Wagon 4WD

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  1. Spiff

    Parts available.

    Whoever gets here first, I guess. This car has to go.
  2. Spiff

    Parts available.

    The headlights and and an extra bulb are all yours. I'm using the sidelights and associated wiring.
  3. @My '88 dl wagon is going away. Everything I haven't taken is up for grabs. I'm about an hour from Modesto.
  4. Spiff

    Electrical question

    The backwards battery fried your starter motor. Pull it out and take it to a parts store to test it. If (and when) it fails find a new one online. When this EXACT THING happened to me this year I priced them for around $70, low end. Luckily I have a parts car.
  5. Phase one of deer damage repair. Parts car in the bckground.
  6. I hope this helps: http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/--Old Models--/EJ swap in EA81_EA82.pdf
  7. Thanks for helping fellas. It turns out a sensor hose came unplugged. It was a simple fix.
  8. I've purchased a new blower relay, but I can't find the old one. I've looked under the hood and have checked under the passenger dashboard. No luck so far.
  9. Hey all, I just bought an '88 DL Wagon 4WD with a manual transmission. I got a few miles and then the engine just quit. It wants to start, but won't. At first, pumping the gas pedal helped to keep it running for a second or two, but now it's not doing a thing for me. The internet has been comically unhelpful, for example: I haven't found reliable information regarding the location of the fuel pump. Is it in the tank, or under the passenger side rear seat? What's the best way to approach it, through the trunk or from underneath? Any and all help, insights, pictures and advice are much appreciated.