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  1. Update. The Trip Odometer now says "ER SS". we took the connections to the sensor apart and cleaned them but the code now shows the sensor as "Open". A new sesnor has been ordered. This must go down in history with both sensors self destriucting in a metter of weeks. Anyhow thanks for your input and best regards for 2017
  2. The sensor was cleaned yesterday and the code cleared. It was driven out of te shop and parked with no problem. It sat outside at -6ºC ( 21.2ºF) overnight and when started in the morning the ABS and AntiSkid lights came on and remained on. I know I have a tire pressure sensor that goes on when frozen and off when the tire warms up. Possibly the same problem? We will try crimping the connections next week to see if that works. Thanks for all your ideas and Happy New Year.
  3. The sensor has been blown free of any and all debris and the code cleared. We will hope that is the only problem. Is there any record of electrical problems or specific connections that have caused problems in the past that you are aware of or any other sources of false readings.
  4. Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately my mechanic has reported back that the code is for the opposite sensor that was replaced. Coincidence? I don't know. I guess I cannot complain at 230,000km and many miles of gravel roads.
  5. My Trebeca sent an ABS code and my mechanic replaced the rear ABS sensor. 3 days later after driving through some slush for ½km the light came on again. Any ideas?
  6. I bought my 09 Trebeca new and now have 200,000+ km. I am 71 years old and live in rural Nova Scotia where ice and snow on the roads in winter is a normal.
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