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  1. YnotDIY

    Two Tone Paint Jobs!

    @FerGloyale the painted mirrors are sick. I'll definitely be painting mine. @IFlyS5 bed liner bottom?
  2. Hey Ya'll I've been looking for pictures of people who have Two Tone painted their Old Gens and found a thread from...2006. For those who have been around here, ya it was post photo bucket collapse. All the photos were gone besides Miles Fox's. It was not a kind of thread. So I'm here to start a new one or be pointed to an existing one! Post your Two Tone photos here! I'm painting mine in the next two weeks. I'll post when it's all set. Cheers y'all!
  3. Sorry Sorry NVM! just asked this question before research. RockAuto has them.
  4. Where to find new boots for OEM axles
  5. Hey hey - Swapping the heads on a forester right now that had a couple belt valves from breaking a timing belt. my dog, a doof, stepped on the timing covers while they were off and broke them! I know people run open covers on the EA82, I do that myself, but I’m wondering if anyone goes without the covers on the EJ25. Gotta finish the job today. What do y’all say? Okay to run this forester w/o timing covers?
  6. YnotDIY

    Coolant Loss 88 GL

    @DaveT @sparkyboy @el_freddo @czny Swapped the intake gaskets with OEM. after taking the aftermarket off (which were totally ripped on both sides!) and looking into the engine, which was totally stained with coolant that was my issue! no more coolant loss and it’s running great. Looks like the head gaskets are safe for now! thanks for the help.
  7. Hey Dweeb 


  8. YnotDIY

    Coolant Loss 88 GL

    when doing intake manifold gaskets with OEM gaskets is it necessary to coat them with coolant resistant goop? I've done this (as was suggested to me) with non OEM gaskets, but was curious what procedures ya'll use. Any Tips and Tricks? @DaveT @sparkyboy @el_freddo @czny
  9. YnotDIY

    Coolant Loss 88 GL

    @DaveT I remember you also saying to check the coolant hoses and that there are 7? of them.... Obviously I know of the common 4. Inlet and outlet hoses for rad and heater core....where are the others? One tiny one off the water pump?
  10. YnotDIY

    Coolant Loss 88 GL

    It's hard to tell because it's been so hecking cold in Chicago (-20), but it believe I'm getting a lot of white smoke on start up. It seems to go away after a couple of minutes and I'm definitely smelling a sweet smell to the exhaust. Could that be some failed intake gaskets? I did change them when I got the car because they were leaking. I think I used some chepo gaskets. @DaveT When I first got on here i remember you saying to use good intake gaksets because the non-OEM ones are bogus. Maybe this is what's causing my problem and not Head Gaskets....my engine temps seem to be normal to me....what do ya think?
  11. Hey Ya'll Just checked my coolant levels last night and the reservoir tank was empty. Checked the rad and it was low as well. I'm fearing the worst...head gaskets starting to fail...got some sludge on the oil cap and a bit on the dip stick.... I've also heard it's possible to get these symptoms with a failing intake gasket...my hope (of course) are that the intake gaskets are failing to keep the coolant passage closed. In everyone's experience what do you think? I haven't noticed any major overheating, but the bit of sludge on the dip stick really has me worried. Is it possible to get these symptoms with a failing intake gasket? Thanks!
  12. YnotDIY

    1993 Loyale Wagon. SubaWag

    Great ride! Where did you get those Center Caps?
  13. YnotDIY


    Bennie - Do you have an EJ ECU and an EA82 engine? I didn't realize they were compatible like that.
  14. awesome, thanks @GeneralDisorder. Got both LH and RH today. Will be swapping them tomorrow. I'll post some pics.
  15. So just checking but, seals that are 30x50x9 should work? Like these? >> https://www.amazon.com/Subaru-Legacy-Forester-Outback-Impreza/dp/B0798TD5BM/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VWDVXTZ3ZJNBHXHAH76P