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  1. ah! of course. thanks dave!
  2. yes they are subaru gaskets. that's the only way to go. I'm pretty sure my intake needs machining.
  3. ah thanks dave. I've struggled with keeping intake gaskets from leaking on this engine. I've gone through 3 sets in the last year alone. They fail in the same place every time, drivers side intake bolt closest to the front of the engine. Totally possible the intake is warped.
  4. does anyone know which intake bolt goes into the coolant passage on an EA82? I know one of them is leaking coolant into the intake. gonna try and throw some RTV on the bolt and see if that stops the leak. Only thing is.....which one?
  5. YnotDIY

    Resistor block wattage.

    Did this repair today. Worked like a charm.
  6. Ah run high? I know very little about electrical. Got a new sender unit stil no luck. Let us know if ya figure it out!
  7. YnotDIY

    EA82 Axle Rebuild

    Haha yeah I know the procedure. It’s crazy though. I was using a 7lb hammer and a 2x4 and couldn’t get the thing off. guess I’ll smash harder and see what happens. I have another as well. I’ll take that apart and see if the outer joint removes easier on that one. maybe the one I have is just stuck.
  8. It seems for the life of me I cannot get the outer joint off this axle! Inner joint, no problem. A couple of rings and it came off. I read you just have to clamp the axle and "smash" the outer joint until it pops over the c retaining ring. Welp. I've been smashing and smashing but this thing will not budge. What's the deal? smash harder?
  9. mine has been out since I bought the car. I have a spare gauge cluster, but I'm hesitant to throw it in. If it's a short somewhere i dont want this fresh one to get toasted.
  10. YnotDIY

    Two Tone Paint Jobs!

    @FerGloyale the painted mirrors are sick. I'll definitely be painting mine. @IFlyS5 bed liner bottom?
  11. Hey Ya'll I've been looking for pictures of people who have Two Tone painted their Old Gens and found a thread from...2006. For those who have been around here, ya it was post photo bucket collapse. All the photos were gone besides Miles Fox's. It was not a kind of thread. So I'm here to start a new one or be pointed to an existing one! Post your Two Tone photos here! I'm painting mine in the next two weeks. I'll post when it's all set. Cheers y'all!
  12. Sorry Sorry NVM! just asked this question before research. RockAuto has them.
  13. Where to find new boots for OEM axles
  14. Hey hey - Swapping the heads on a forester right now that had a couple belt valves from breaking a timing belt. my dog, a doof, stepped on the timing covers while they were off and broke them! I know people run open covers on the EA82, I do that myself, but I’m wondering if anyone goes without the covers on the EJ25. Gotta finish the job today. What do y’all say? Okay to run this forester w/o timing covers?