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  1. just wanted to report back, after a lot of messing around it seems like I had a bad TPS! It tested good, but after the FPR swap, injector swap, two mafs and a new IAC I was having the same issues. Swapped the TPS and it seems to be doing great. A little bit of stuttering on the pick up, but I think it's the Peugeot wheels I'm running now. I have a space FPR just incase!
  2. Ah! Yes I was misidentifying the dampers. When searching through images with the search "fuel pressure regulators 88 GL" it shows both the dampers and the FPR. I thought they were all FPR. Thanks for correcting me. I'll be swapping mine tonight and will report back if it fixes my issue.
  3. There are a few pressure regulators going to the throttle body. Did you replace them all or just the one with the vacuum line that mounts on the throttle body? I picked up a spare throttle body myself with all pressure regulators attached. I also swapped my fuel pump with no change. I'm thinking pressure regulators are to blame as well. Will report back when mine is fixed. This might become the next regular repair for bad acceleration....
  4. @DaveT did this fix your power issues?
  5. Here is The Desert Fox - I got this from @Mechanical_misfit ended up selling it and then getting it given back to me....the kid that bought it couldn't maintain it and gave it to me for free. basically a $1,300 rental haha. JimBo has a whole thread on here about the build out and upkeep. He can't seem to access his account anymore.
  6. Did some more research and it looks like they were made for aftermarket purchase. Not from the dealer. Sorry for misleading ya'll, but they are real! haha
  7. Ah good to know. It was very easy to bend - I'm not surprised you had one snap on you. Fingers crossed this one says whole.
  8. @jono thanks that's great advise I'll have to try it. Hopefully not for valve cover gaskets...haha...let's hope these last.
  9. +1 on the easy check. Always into making things easier.
  10. Earl is great, but not what I need. Maybe he has some photos though....
  11. Subaru used to make vinyl decals would could come from the factory if you wanted.....one was the Desert Fox....I believe the other was the Mountain Grizzly. Unless I'm mistaken and the Mountain Grizzly vinyl I've seen was just someones cool mod.... anyone know the history? I'm not actually interested in getting re-productions of the vinyl. I'm just wondering if anyone can throw up some pictures of a Mountain Grizzly. I can't find ANY examples online.
  12. bahahaha amazing.
  13. Hey hey - I'm looking for some good photos of the Mountain Grizzly Vinyl. If anyone knows how to source them. Throw them on the thread please! Best, TJ
  14. have not resolved code issues. I'm going to try and clean the injector to see if it helps. I'll report back with news when I have it.