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  1. YnotDIY

    1993 Loyale Wagon. SubaWag

    Great ride! Where did you get those Center Caps?
  2. YnotDIY


    Bennie - Do you have an EJ ECU and an EA82 engine? I didn't realize they were compatible like that.
  3. awesome, thanks @GeneralDisorder. Got both LH and RH today. Will be swapping them tomorrow. I'll post some pics.
  4. So just checking but, seals that are 30x50x9 should work? Like these? >> https://www.amazon.com/Subaru-Legacy-Forester-Outback-Impreza/dp/B0798TD5BM/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VWDVXTZ3ZJNBHXHAH76P
  5. YnotDIY


    @jono I actually used to have one of those. 1989 Toyota Camry Wagons look very similar.
  6. YnotDIY

    1982 WRX Brat SWAP!

    this is rad!
  7. Just cruising the Crosstrek threads which are only 4 pgs deep....crazy.... Came across this and had to share over here. With the vast amount of knowledge on the 80's threads (and others) this just threw me because we generally don't see posts like this over here. Not trying to shame anyone, but man, this had me rolling for a minute. DON'T WORRY, IT'S SHORT AND SWEET > https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/166248-led-lights-in-map-lightsdisaster/ This had me thinking, because I'm interested in getting an outback sport or early 2000's outback in the next few years. So what do ya'll think? 1) How new are you willing to go with Subaru? 80's and 90's till death? 2) Anyone in here CVT over Manual? (I know it's not that easy) 3) Anyone favor newer models of other brands? (I'm definitely not a one brand kind of person)
  8. @86BRATMAN haha yeah I did. These parts cross over a bunch of years. Well into the 2000's.
  9. Thanks GD, this is good to know for the future....not that I'll be changing these on this car ever again while I have it. haha cheers!
  10. Not a bad move. Thanks GD. I called my local shop and the guy goes "oh here we go" like I wasn't going to have the correct numbers. Everything checked out Bennie. Funny they had the 31 seal in stock, but not the 32. They are definitely side specific? They had everything else as well. Thinking a 2.2 swap is in my future. Probably in the next few years. Honestly it sounds fun to me.
  11. Thanks @el_freddo , this helped a ton!
  12. Hey Everyone, I apologize for the parts question. I'm really not familiar with terms, but am trying hard to learn. I'm looking for an axle seal for the transmission side of my 88 GL. I've got transmission oil leaking out of the passenger side axle where it meets the transmission. Can someone please comment with a link, part number, and name of this seal. Right now I'm just putting a bunch of seals into my cart on Rock Auto hoping that one of them will be correct. I've got.... Input Shaft Seal Output Shaft Seal Drive Axle Seal Extension Seal Axle Shaft Seal (this is the one I think it is, listed as front outer, but there is no image) Thanks so much! I'm moving to Chicago and hoping to get everything I need to seal this up before I take off. The help is always appreciated.
  13. YnotDIY

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    @GeneralDisorder the body style of the EA82 is so much better than the bubbled out legacy or forester. Loyale, GL, DL, are all much better looking IMO. I'd do an EJ swap just to keep the EA body.
  14. YnotDIY

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Just bought one last week!?!?
  15. YnotDIY

    Introducing Ruby-Doo

    pics also not working over here, on my computer. Using Chrome Browser...