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  1. So, here is the story, I have a 2016 WRX with about 5900 miles. I left the car in a parking lot for about a week on base so no one could have touched it. The car ran perfectly with no problems at all but when I got back I found out that it had been snowing everyday and had reached temperatures as low as -33F. I started up the car no problem and it drives just the same as it always did. Except my dashboard had several warning lights. The ABS, Check Engine, Hill start assist, and Vehicle Dynamics Control lights were all present. I used my accessport and got this error (waistegate turbocharger solenoid "A" low). I tried clearing it but it wouldn't clear. I took it to the dealership but they wouldn't look at it or else it might void the warranty. Any help I can get would be very much appreciated, thank you so much.