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  1. General dissorder First, for any make and model car what are good scan tools. What do Home mechanics use Second. For problems with the tire pressure monitoring system on cars do you need a special tool or a scan tool can read the code. Lastly, the subscription services that you were referring to like all data and shop key. Are they for home mechanics or they are something only a shop would get. What do they cost. Thanks.
  2. General disorder I have another question if you don’t mind. I really appreciate the help and info. What I wanted to know is who makes good scan tools for people doing their own car work. Does launch or autel make good scan tools. What else is good. Thanks for info
  3. How is innova scanner. Also I know autel is very popular. How are Launch Scan tools. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. But what company actually makes a good scan tool for diy mechanics. Launch or Autel. What do you have. Thanks.
  5. What is code setting criteria for a specific code. I am sure they already checked it. Can someone please explain it to me. Thanks.
  6. Bottom line is : my mechanic with looking at all the scan tool data he found no reason for the po456 code. He found no other codes or pending codes. The light is off so if it comes back then he will do further testing.
  7. Gd No pending codes or codes stored. Now that the code is clear maybe it won’t come back on. Just asking if you clear a code if their was a problem when my mechanic drove the car around wouldn't the code come back. He said normally if their is a problem when you shut the cel off and drive around the light will come back. Also what is code setting criteria because I am sure they already looked at that. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. It did answer my question. Yes I did take it to my mechanic for check engine light. Code po 456. Evap small leak. He cleared the code and drove the car around for awhile. The code never came back. He said usually if their is a problem when code is cleared driving around it would of came back. He also Looked at all other scan tool data and screens related to car and code. My mechanic sees no reason why check engine light came on with the cruise control light flashing and the traction control light on. He also has a smoke machine to check for leaks. He said based on scan tool data and the light has not come back on when he was driving around he feels that he does not want to do a smoke test now. He said if light comes back on bring car back and he will do further testing maybe use smoke machine. But as of now. With his testing he has no explanation of why the check engine light went on. Thanks.
  9. Po 456. Small evap leak. Already tried new gas cap did not work.
  10. So to answer my question: if you use a certain brand of gas and your car does not like it or if you over fill your tank will it cause a check engine light. Thanks.