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  1. Thanks for all the help guys! I've held off on getting a new car for the last year, waiting to find the perfect one, but my current car is on its last legs so I need to pick up something soon. A few months ago there was an '08 gt with 55k on it that I probably should have taken when I had the chance, but I waited too long. Since then, these two have been my best options. So in your honest opinions, if you guys had to grab one of these cars, which would it be and why? I'll still probably hold off on purchasing one of them so that I can look to see if anything else pops up before I make anything official, but if nothing shows up within the next few weeks, I may need to jump on one of these offers, so it would be nice to know which would be the safest and smartest choice. If it changes anything, the 220k Ltd one has recently had the head gaskets replaced along with the timing belt and water pump. Thanks again for all the help!
  2. Thanks for the reply, golucky! I didn't realize that the Ltd was also a turbo just a different engine. Just out of curiosity, if I was to take the car into a place like Greg's japanese auto for a pre-buyers inspection(which I was planning on doing anyways) is there anything that would give away the fact that the turbo is in poor condition or not well maintained? Or is that something that you just won't know until it's too late and it blows? Thanks!
  3. Hi, wtdash! Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that the turbochargers really are an issue and it's not just a myth. I've actually heard of the 3.0 and was originally looking for one last year when I was looking into the legacy's. However, as you said, they seem to be very rare! I have been keeping my eye out for one in Washington state for a long while now but have yet to see one. I would rather not purchase a car out of state and deal with the delivery and all that fun stuff which is probably why I haven't seen anything. One other question though, the 220k one is actually just the Ltd model, not the gt, and seems to have been serviced pretty well at least from what I can tell, but then again I'm no expert! Without the turbocharger, is it any safer of a choice with that many miles? Thanks!
  4. Hey all, so I would just really like some opinions and insight from people such as yourselves that have much more knowledge about these cars than I do. So I have been looking and doing research for quite some time now on the next Subaru for me. I have ruled it down to the 07-09 Legacy's, due to personal preference on styling and looks as well as available options. I have recently come across two opportunities to purchase a 2008 model, however I can not decide which would be the best option. The first one is a LTD model with 220k on it with many new parts and services done for $8995. I went and test drove this one, and it ran strong aside from some delay in the auto transmission when you step on the pedal, however some amount of delay is to be expected, I'm not sure how apparent or common it is for this vehicle. You can see it here, with all the parts and services below the pictures: http://roosales.com/2008-legacy-ltd-sedan-coming-soon-2/ The second one is a GT model with 90k on it for $10995 that you can see here: http://www.apxautobrokers.com/2008_Subaru_Legacy_Lynnwood_WA_7447565.veh Now if this was anything besides a Subaru, the obvious choice would be the one with 90k miles because why buy a car with so many miles when there is another option with fewer miles for only a small amount more. However, due to the fact that Subaru's are known to last basically forever as long as you take care of them, I find myself having a difficult time making a choice. Another reason that I am at a bit of a crossroads, is that I have heard of turbochargers failing on Subaru's before, which costs a lot of money to repair. Is this a common issue with the 2008 Legacy's? Or is it more of just a myth? I would just really like some opinions and insight from people such as yourselves that have much more knowledge about these cars than I do. Thank you for your time!