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  1. Weebles

    Gen 1 Brat Questions

    So just to clarify. I have a 78 Brat but it has 77 on every sticker in the car. It has the starter in the 12 o'clock position and it has the round air cleaner. I don't have any solenoids on the vacuum system, that came a little later. The ports that you talk about first, 2 on the passenger, 3 on the driver, Are you talking about on the intake manifold? and the EGR recirculating. Is that the air suction system with the reed valve and silencer? The air suction system is the only one I am on the fence about eliminating.
  2. Weebles

    My 78 BRAT project....

    I have a diagram from my 78 Brat owners manual and It looks like there are two reserve tanks. Also from what I have found is that there are quite a few different fuel setups for each year. California models, High Altitude, 4wd, 2wd, and any combination in between. Small differences like added check valves and completely different routing of the vacuum lines. Autozone has a lot of literature on their website and some good diagrams. You have to look closely to notice some of the differences. https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/Subaru-ff-1-1300-1400-1600-1800-Brat-1970-1984-Repair-Guide/Vacuum-Diagrams/Vacuum-Diagrams/_/P-0900c15280065a54
  3. Weebles

    Gen 1 Brat Questions

    I have the original carb and all of the parts so I am going to switch the throttle lever and bracket back when I get home. What all did you get rid of from the emissions system and how did you go about it? I was thinking about pulling the air suction system, EGR system, and canister, but plumbing the PCV system like a newer ea 81 or 82, I dont remember. Did you just pull and plug everything? I am curious as to what was plugged and how everything was plumbed including vacuum lines. Pulling everything would really clean the engine up a lot. Right now plan is to try and use the stock vacuum modulator to control the distributor advance/retard, charcoal canister, and EGR valve. I am going to post a write up on the research I have been doing on the Weber Carb Swap but I want to test a few things so that I can post my results and what configuration I end up going with. I know that this isn't going to get me every drop of power the brat can give me but I am trying to keep her stock as possible. To me it doesn't seem that anything in the emissions system is robbing any noticeable power to begin with and that there are some actual benefits from properly retarding and advancing timing. It seems though that everyone is set up slightly different and are getting completely different results. I guess I would like to know how you and anyone else has their EA 71 set up with a Weber. There are a ton of posts all over this forum and many others, but they are very spread out and full of broken links and expired pictures.
  4. Weebles

    hi-performance EA71 parts

    Did you ever finish this project?
  5. Weebles

    Gen 1 Brat Questions

    Thanks. I will check this first.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been a member for awhile now and I have read through quite a few build logs and instructional guides. I have afew questions that I am sure have been answered before. 1. After rebuilding the ea71 I did a Weber swap. My only issue was the accelerator cable bracket. I have the cable installed currently but it does not hold the cable completely parallel with the linkage so it makes a small curve from the bracket to the linkage. Everything works for now but I am sure that eventually the cable is going to wear out. Is there an aftermarket bracket available or do I need to fab something? 2. The car rus great and passed emissions. The only issue I am having is a sticky throttle. I don't believe that it is related to what I mentioned above about the throttle cable but I may be wrong. It only happens when the car is warm and has been running for awhile and then gets progressively worse. What happens is after pressing the accelerator at a low RPM and releasing it, the car continues to speed up. Eventually it lets go and returns to coast. When city driving I have to hit the clutch and let the engine rev untill it releases. With the new Weber I do not have the fuel return hooked up. Is it possible this is the issue? 3. I would like to upgrade the brakes front and back. Has anyone done a write up on this yet? And are there any recommendations on kits or parts? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Weebles

    Ea71 pieced together

    Could you please post a link to that write up?
  8. Hello everyone! This 78 Brat came to me a few years ago and I have slowly been getting it back on the road. Here is the story behind my new car. Sometime in 2013 my grandma was willed this car from a cousin of hers. It was bought off of the showroom floor in Denver Colorado in 1977. She drove it every day until she bought her 92 Legacy and garaged the Brat. My grandma gave the Brat to my cousin and he put about $400 into it to try and get it running. He had the carb rebuilt, new water pump, new alternator, new fuel pump. He couldn't get it running right so he sold it to me for the $400 he had into it. I put a clutch in and drove it for about two weeks when the head gaskets blew. My dad called an old friend in Brook Forest near Evergreen CO who has a ton of Subarus and parts looking for a new engine. Turns out that Bob had an EA71 he was willing to part with so we drove up there and got the engine. The good news is that the engine only cost the fuel it took to drive up there and get it. The bad new is that the engine was the wrong EA71. I took the engine and called Roo's Only to see if they would do the swap and they referred me to S Wing's. The guy at S Wings is an interesting fellow. After a year or so of talking with him I decided to rebuild the original engine and go from there. I took the car to Colorado Component Rebuilder last June. It was one of the last engines they did before closing their doors. In fact they closed the doors while they still had my car. After CCR did the rebuild I took it to the family mechanic. He did the rear end, fixed the linkage, some electrical, new gas pedal, new gas cap, brakes, and quite a few other odds and ends. He could not get the carb tuned right so we decided to go with a Webber. The Webber went in, tuned it up, and it passed emissions and I got the 5 year collector plates. So after all of this I finally drove the Brat back to my place in Gig Harbor WA. I left Colorado the day before yesterday and I got home last night. Along the way I discovered that I am losing quite a bit of oil from the transmission and the carburetor started acting up. I was stopping about every 100 miles and checking fluids. It seemed that I was losing the most fluid after hill climbs or long stretches of highway speeds. City driving and slower (55-65) highway speeds seemed to have lost little to no oil. I believe this to be the input shaft seal. I planned on re jetting the carb after moving it to sea level but what is happening now is the throttle is sticking. I believe it to be the electronic choke sticking on. Once i reach a high enough RPM it backs down, so if it starts running away pressing the clutch lets it rev and then drop. Well that is the story of my Brat. I have been lurking on this site for a few years now and I have done quite a bit of research on the 78 Brat. I know that there is not much you can do to "supe" up the car/engine and I love the original look and feel of the car. My plan is to do a complete restore to stock. Stock parts that is. I want to change the paint and interior colors. I am also planning on modernizing the car as much as I can to make it as comfortable of a ride as possible, Suspension, electrical, brakes. I have all of the original parts that came with the car and I will be keeping anything that gets changed (carb for example). I will be sharing pictures as I progress but I plan on getting the work done as soon as possible as this will be my daily driver around Tacoma/Seattle. If anyone can offer some advice to the issues that I am having as well as a good shop to get in touch with that could do some of the work for me. Thanks guys!