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  1. Hello, So my Legacy is starting to pull a 0420 code, due to the previous owner doing improper repairs or lack of work, thus causing damage to the cat. Has anyone ever seen this modeled installed or any feedback good or bad. https://www.magnaflow.com/products?partNumber=52305
  2. My 06 Legacy with 99k, was a northern car. My driver ground strap was held on by 1 stand... Maybe EGR Valve is clogged shut or open. Mine was very dirty at 99k, yours might be not working at all. The Subaru one are not expensive
  3. Hello, How many miles on the car? Have you inspected the Engine Ground Straps under the car? One on each side of the engine? How are the battery cable / post? very Clean? Have you ever had the injectors properly / professionally cleaned? My 06 Legacy with 99k on it have 2 injectors that were not properly working.
  4. Hello, I have a 2006 Legacy 2.5I Automatic When I am drive @ 65-75 MPH with Cruise Control on, and the car is between a hill and flat area, I can feel the car "accelerate" then "decelerating " more that I think it is suppose to. I run 93 octane fuel. Injectors were professionally cleaned and tested. New Plugs, Ignition Coil(Subaru), Ignition Wires (Subaru), Timing Belt New (Subaru) all new components (Subaru) The engine runs smooth. I just notice this when cruise is on going up a hill. Thoughts?
  5. Are these subaru parts or aftermarket ones?
  6. Hello, I have a Legacy and when I release the trunk, I hear only a click (latch release) the trunk will not raise by itself from that position. I have purchased New Subaru Trunk Torsion Bars for it and going to put them on, but I need to know the correct positioning of the contact between the Torsion Bar and the Swivel Lever it attaches to. The the Bend in the Torsion Bar Correct (Like attached Image) or the other way? On my car now the bend is in the same position. The guy at Subaru said there is a Driver Side(L) and Passenger® does the one that is driver mean that the s part goes in the driver side or the part that presses on the lifting portion I hope this makes sense Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Hey, I put all new hardware along with the new guard. Where it is starting to slowly sag is the driver side where there is less plastic. I was hoping someone in aftermarket make one for the 4th gen Legacy.
  8. Hello, I have a 06 Legacy with a engine splash shield that is only a couple of months old and it is already starting to sag on the Driver Side where there is less plastic material. Has anyone ever found a way to brace it up or modify it so that it's not sagging like it's many years old when it is only 6 to 9 months? Thanks for and constructive input.
  9. Thanks, I will try it tomorrow... Should I still attach the Lisle Spill - Free Funnel when I do this?
  10. Hey, I did the Boil Test on it a few day after getting it. I will put the Nose Up again to help move the air out.
  11. Hey, I never thought about the Heater Core issue. I should have because the heater core probably site higher than the engine, and I even put on New Heater Core hoses. I will try what you said in regards to increase the RPM.. Also what is: AIRLIFT?
  12. Hello, So, the engine is all back together. For the initial start-up I did the Subaru Relearn after a long time without a battery. I didn't touch the accelerator pedal during initial start, and let it idle for at least 40 minutes. During this time I had Lisle 24680 Spill-Free Funnel attached to the Radiator Filler port, and the front end of the car was elevated and up on jack stand to help trapped air bubbles from the system for the first 30 minutes. So, I was letting the car idle for a long time, when I noticed the Temperature Gauge was climbing up towards HOT area on the gauge. I did not let it get there though. FYI, both fans are running the way there are supposed to. The Anti-Freeze in Subaru brand for my year of car. After I turned the car off for a few minutes the temp came back to normal (Gauge was like just below the 9 'o'clock position) Is this a air bubble that is trapped or maybe a bad thermostat? Thoughts? This is what is NEW on the Engine Cooling Side: (All Subaru Parts) Radiator Water Pump Thermostat & Thermostat Housing Both Upper & Lower Radiator Hoses