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  1. Hey guys. I got everything pulled apart and am slightly confused by the way things are lining up with regard to timing. I will be replacing timing belt, idlers, tensioner, water pump, cam and crank seals, and resealing oil pump. I got crank bolt loose using 5th gear trick (I have a manual), put it back in neutral and lined everything up - marks looked good. Once I had marked cam and crank sprockets with paint marker I put it back in 5th and popped the cam bolts loose with the belt and tensioner still on. The entire system rotated slightly during this process (had a small bit of play even when locked in 5th gear, maybe 1/10-1/16 crank rotation). So I put it back in neutral and realigned everything by manually rotating the crank (~2 full crank rotations minus the slight bit it shifted when popping cam bolts). This was done with the cam bolts popped loose but not loosened more than 1/2 turn. Now my lines on the passenger side cams are not lined up correctly. The drivers side cams are still lined up and the top passenger cam looks good but the bottom passenger cam is off by one tooth (the paint mark I had made before popping cam bolts is 1 tooth to the left of 12 o clock on bottom passenger cam with the rest of the system correctly aligned). I am wondering how to proceed from here - can I take the belt off and align cams based on my initial marks when installing the new belt? Perhaps the bottom passenger side cam slipped slightly when popping the bolt? Not sure why it isn't lining up correctly now when it had lined up well before popping the cam bolts. Any advice or pointers for realigning the system would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you guys for the quick replies! Ocei - thank you for the fsm. That will definitely come in handy. I'll hopefully have some time to get it done this weekend and will update once I finish. My t-belt is looking good so I will probably be changing out seals and then removing the pump to check screws and re-send it as well.
  3. Hello! I have oil leaking from front of engine and would like to remove my oil pump to check for pump and seal failures. I am wondering if anyone has had experience performing this without removing the engine or if this would even be possible. I would love to hear any advice/steps involved in the process if so. I drive a 99 Subaru legacy outback Wagon with the ej25 engine. To me it looks like it can be done, but I wanted to get an experienced second (or more) opinion before diving in. Thanks in advance!