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  1. https://www.subarupartsdeal.com/ is my go to source for OEM Subaru parts at cheap prices. Every purchase I've made with them has been smooth.
  2. I added some LEDs from a brand called D20 or G20 and i'm really happy with them. Visibility at night is a lot better.
  3. Very informative thread. Thanks for the info.
  4. Right. It looks like it would have to be from the same gen. This OEM Subaru website shows that information at the bottom of the page as well. https://www.subarupartsdeal.com/parts/subaru-hood-complete-front~57220ac080.html
  5. ^^ +1 on this. Always best to put in a new one especially if you replace your fuel pump.
  6. TurboRev

    XTV8 build!

  7. Great read. Thanks for the info everyone.
  8. Same car just different badges. And I agree with the Subaru not being AWD
  9. I have always found Subaru to be reliable. I never really felt the need for an extended warranty. Although most are now manufactured here in the US and the idea of "transition change" from JP to US floating around, remember that OEMs have very strict requirements on manufacturing. That's not to say that a defect may slip through the crack. But it's a low chance. In my opinion, I wouldn't budge on the extended warranty. It's just giving your money away.
  10. That is definitely useful information. Thank you!