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    I don't actually live in LA, my girlfriend and I are in South America, trying to drive our wagon to Alaska. We've only just got it and are facing a few problems. We're 19 and 20 years old
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    1990 Legacy American
  1. Sweet thanks for the help! I'll flush the radiator and go for a new cap and thermostat Cheers
  2. yeah fans are coming on. no air in the cooling system? how can I check that?
  3. Hi, My 1990 american legacy wagon I've just bought has an over heating problem. It drives fine and the coolant temp stays slightly below the centre of the gage on all flat and downhill roads no matter how much you thrash it. It's only when I drive up a hill that it slowly starts to overheat. If I pull over and let it idle it will go back to the normal operating temp in less than a minute, as soon as I start driving up hill again it starts to overheat. It doesn't seem to matter how much I accelerate, it seems like the only thing that makes it heat up is going on the up hill slope. Does anyone have any clue what could cause this? Thanks