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  1. Thought I'd just add an update to this post. Here is a newer pic of our ol' battlewagon, and a little video I put together on the car! Thanks again for the help here. Video: Looking back it's pretty dumb that we were going to have a shop do the install since it was so easy! They did a fine job on a bunch of other work they did but apparently don't know anything about lifting Subarus
  2. Thanks everyone for the help and input. Install took a couple hours—was pretty easy. Carefully cut the mount holding the brake lines. The new struts had clips so no zip ties were necessary for me (although we do have plenty of zip ties elsewhere on the car!) Disconnecting the sway bars helped a lot. Found some Outback wheels at a local junkyard and threw them on, and made a slight modification to the front bumper. Here's a before and after: Before After Gonna throw a skid plate on it and some General Grabbers and take this thing off road! Thanks again!
  3. Guy at shop said top hat was different. But I get home and turns out he didn't even open up the box that the fronts were in. :/ Sooo... I'm sure I could do this myself if the parts are correct. I bought fully loaded strut assemblies (price wasn't much more than struts alone) as I didn't want to mess around with a spring compressor if I were to do the install myself. FCS part numbers 1331583L, 1331583R, 1331747L, 1331747R—everywhere I look these fit an 05 Forester (and other years as mentioned). Here are some pics, as requested above. Do these look right? Tomorrow I'll take a look and see if these fit. Front: Rear: Thanks for the help everyone, really appreciate it.
  4. Cool, thanks very much for the reply. This is encouraging. Not sure what the shop's deal is. Maybe I was sent the wrong parts. Guess I'll check it out when the car is back home and try to do the swap myself.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Should both Legacy (non-Outback) and Outback from this generation have the same strut tops? Maybe I can go with KYB struts for a '98 Outback and just re-use my existing springs. Wondering if anyone else has done Forester struts onto a Legacy (non-Outback), and if top hats needed to be swapped?
  6. Hi y'all, I've done a lot of searching on this subject, and I was led to believe Forester struts are a direct swap onto a 98 Legacy (non-Outback), to give a little lift. I bought a set of FCS complete strut assemblies (for an 05 Forester) and brought them to a local shop for install on my 98 Legacy. They say they will not bolt on. What am I missing? Did I get the wrong year Forester struts, or do I need to swap out top hats or something? Maybe I should've just gone with '98 Outback struts/springs? Thanks so much for the help! :)
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