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  1. I have recentley bought a 2014 impreza so that my 1985 BRAT can get some much needed love. Good idea right? Any way, hoping to the some of you other Subaru guys could give me a few ideas for suspension part. Thinking coil overs. The goal is to be able to drive on the mountain roads around where i live without bumping the whole time. Some kind of rally style or something. keep in mind im not talking about a lift kit.
  2. RalphtheBRATman

    What Top 3 Engines Would be Best to Use?

    Small VW diesel engines work realy well. I have a BRAT and I am looking to put one in that when its moter dies... if it ever dose... alot of them are FWD and can be 4WD if you want to go that route.