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  1. wagons

    Aussie d/r ej swap

    Lol no no i am the buyer, buying off a friend who lives in Australia and shipping to the USA
  2. wagons

    Aussie d/r ej swap

    1 lucky texan, i have purchased many things from Australia, including body panels. I have the funding and also pay for insurance. Customs can either be quick or slow, depending on how well the forms are filled out and if you include pictures of whats in the crate it makes it even faster.
  3. wagons

    Aussie d/r ej swap

    The limited slip was added by the previous owner by All-Drive Subaroo Australia. I like the Idea of taking a couple gear boxes over an engine but to get the deal i have to buy it and the engine. Theres also a place in Canada that can get me the same diff and even more custom gear sets that also deals with All Drive Subaroo Australia. I was just figuring the cost of an ej swap why not do it right and also get an LSD front for not a whole lot more.
  4. This is a what if thread and a possibility thread. I have a friend in Australia that I buy my track car parts from. I mentioned to him doing an EJ swap in my 1987. He said if you do that then why dont I ship you a crate with an engine with the 5-speed dual range with limited slip front diff?! I laughed because i was thinking about the cost of shipping. He can get me a 100k kilometer engine and dual range 5-speed with front LSD for $2500. Now its also $1000 to ship. Im about to drop $3500 on a used car for my wife but now its got me thinking...... Any input from the Aussie guys here? How do you like your dual-range Legacys?
  5. wagons

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    @GeneralDisorder I love my EA82 wagon but I definitely hate the fact that I have to search for tailights (kids like to drop and lean bikes on them) And all other parts for the matter. I too drive Chevrolets. I have an 1987 Suburban and a 1982 1500 with a utility bed. Just recently the suburban broke a power steering mount bracket. Took the pump and bracket off my 82 which is getting a transmission and was driving within a couple hours. I love EJs because they are torquey, and like an SBC parts interchange over 15 years. This is why I have given up in the EA82 engine. I am looking for a swap, but thanks to Scott @ SJR we can still drive our EA82 with a Weber carb on an EJ! Simple and still seems like it came from the factory, minus crossmember drop and lift to clear the hood.
  6. wagons

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Dave T, Peterson sells a wet sump external pump. It would mount down low next to the oil pan and have to have a belt system to drive it. A pickup would have to be placed in the pan and the external pump would have a feed tube. The pump would pump it out with an external line to an oil filter relocation kit and then into the engine. Hard to describe really but it would be costly as the pump is $700 alone. For the cost an EJ Swap would be more cost efficient. A lot more power and upgrades from an EJ. Yes the last NEW pump was bought last week Ynotdiy. Makes me angry! Lmao
  7. wagons

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Aparently our Autozone had the last 3. The old parts guy hoarded them for his Suby. The Old guy I talked to bought two and somebody else just had bought the last one, last week. Somebody who fabricates needs to make an external wet sump pump from peterson work lol. Thanks for the help guys. I should have bought it when it was in stock lol
  8. wagons

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Thanks GD. My local autozone says they can get a melling. I guess I will have to see and compare it because it may not be the right one
  9. Honestly has anybody ever used the Melling oil pump for the EA82? I just talked to an older Subaru guy here locally and he has two brats EA82 swapped and his GL. All 3 are using a Melling pump from Autozone. Or would i be better off collecting pumps from junk yards and resaling them?
  10. Pump throttle as mentioned above and fire her up! It just got down to 26 degrees last night in my town. I will give you my trick if its a real pain to start. Use a blow dryer and heat up the carb lol. I learned from an old dodge (go figure) guy
  11. my first mods would be an EJ22 swap. This will help with the next mods. SJR lift 4" with redrilled 6 lug hubs and 27" tires. After that EJ22 swap and lift, it would be a custom suspension with aR154 and transfer case to locker diffs. All this is possible but a jeep will be cheaper lol. On a serious note EJ22 and SJR lift would be great.
  12. So I ordered the accelerator and clutch cable from 1stsubaruparts.com. even though the order stated a 1994 loyale the parts are direct fit for my 1987 GL 4X4 EA82.
  13. Thanks! Just places order with 1stsubaruparts.com
  14. I need some help with the throttle cable and clutch cable part numbers and exedy clutch part #. 1987 GL CARB 1.8. I have searched "throttle cable"" clutch cable" "ea82" for the page with the Genuine Subaru part numbers for my 1987 Subaru GL. I need both the throttle cable and clutch cable part numbers so I can order them ASAP!. Or if somebody has either parts please PM me! Thanks in advance
  15. Timesert would be best option here. Don't worry helicoil work great, that's what's on my cam seal cover right now! It needs to be seated tight or it will leak. Just did that one LOL