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  1. So my dual range in my 1987 EA82 GL 5- speed is getting very hard to put in first gear, I almost have to stop before I can down shift to it. So I talked to AAMCO transmissions where I live and they can rebuild it for about $800. Is this priced Right? Anybody have a good DR they want to give up? I can build engines, trans are not my thing. Does anybody have a service manual for the transmission?
  2. Thanks guys. GD, that thing would be great if it was accurate! I'm skeptical about it's accuracy, but it's not hard to check outside on a dvom and have some tell me what it's reading inside.
  3. So i thought I had a charging system problem. nope! I have a dead volt gauge problem. How do I fix this? I'm thinking instead of tearing the dash apart and finding why it's dead, the AutoZone special meter looks good at $20. Opinions?
  4. wagons

    Hitachi Carb Issues

    I've rebuilt these carbs so many times, and I found the easiest way to get them running perfect! Throw the SOB away! Follow exactly what GD says and never look back. No instructions are needed, if you need detailed ones follow jeszeks "ideas on swapping a Weber" thread. Buy a true made in Spain Weber, not an INTERCO Weber like I got ripped off on. It runs great, but let's face it, it's not a weber. One instruction I will say follow, plug carb warmer hole with jb weld aluminium/steel stick then mill it and the intake manifold flange flat. If you don't, leaks will find you fast.
  5. Holding the throttle open and it started and stayed running? That right there gives me a hint that the throttle position sensor is bad. Starting with out it being open will fire but die. Starting with partial throttle now has a complete circuit. My old chevys are notorious for this, start with no throttle they fire and die. Start with trottle open, circuit is now open and ecu sees it and compensates fuel and timing. I may be way off but check the signal on the road or swap with one you know is good.
  6. wagons

    Road Trip Repairs, Exhaust woes

    CTS is coolant temperature sensor. How many miles does your car have? Over 150k? If you put in a 12oz can of seafoam you might not have a restricted exhaust, or any electrical problems, you might have compression problems. Depending on how well the prior owner maintained this car. Sea foam will eat carbon build up that are on the rings, valves and all sorts of places carbon gets to. I did it to my 1982 Chevy last spring. $10 of seafoam cost me $1300 to replace the engine. I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but if the exhaust and CTS doesn't help and there is still extreme power loss and poor milage, it might be a good idea to find a compression tester and a leakdown tester. I made this mistake and would hate to see it happen to somebody else. My hopes are high for you
  7. wagons

    head gasket question

    I use fel-pro permatorque head gaskets. No re-torque needed. I won't use a gasket twice after it's been torqued down, it's asking for leaks, but may not leak at all just a roll of dice. I'd make sure head is completely flat and then new head gaskets
  8. I have never tried it but I have heard hot tank the heads with the lifters in. Usually results in lifters needing rebuilt (mizpah) but keeps those pressed in holders in place without damaging them. $28 for lifters is better than 8 million trips to yards looking for heads, pulling them off and still having the same issue
  9. If it has a Weber then there should only be the pcv system, distributor advance, brake booster. That's like 6 hoses. Cap or even better seal all with some jb weld aluminium putty. Msd ignitions are great, on old hotrods which our subys are far from. if planning an event swap, save and buy a stand alone if you concerned that much. Ej22 can be made into beast engines with tuning. But also they are expensive as platinum to get power out of. A stock ej with bolt ons can net 160hp. That's nearly double the ea81 and ea83 engines. That's plenty of power and torque for our mid 2000lb cars
  10. wagons

    Clutch Cable Length?

    GD, I didn't mean any offense, I will definitely use your parts guy and buy genuine from him. I'm finding almost all aftermarket for other ea82 is not worth anything. That's why I say if you say recommend, use it!
  11. wagons

    Clutch Cable Length?

    If GD says get the parts from somebody, I would listen. I had an aftermarket clutch cable, simple advice, don't do it! I'm ordering a new clutch and throttle cable this weekend. Hey GD do you happen to have a throttle cable part number? To all Subaru owners, I believe we need to all kick GD $5 for a part number list ????
  12. If your planning on doing clutch within the next year, it's worth pulling it now when your tying to "find" leaks and seal the whole dang thing and replace the clutch.. Felpro makes a great head gasket kit, just order Subaru genuine cam tower o rings and intake manifold gaskets, Mickey mouse oil pump gasket, oil pump seal. Make sure you get an exedy clutch, they are costly but the only ones i trust. How much is cash worth compared to headaches? These cars are headaches through and through but rewarding. I might only have 90hp but I get 35mpg with my Weber and I have a 4wd car that is a blast to drive
  13. Pull the engine, do the clutch and all seals. It took me my first time only 3 hours to pull it.
  14. wagons

    Valve clatter

    There's 3 ea82 na cars at my local yard. I might have to go get all 3 sets of lifters to help out our community. I had replace mine with mizpah recently. Got rid of my ticket.
  15. wagons

    Timing Belt Trouble

    Have by any chance your tensioner or oil pump pulley bolts been stripped out then heli-coiled? The prior owner to my 87 did this, and put the bolt in at a slight angle. I had he same issue, belt would rub til it snapped. It walked all over the place. I had to take engine out and have the hole redone by a machine shop on a drill press to make it straight again. Fixed my walking belt problem.