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  1. I honestly love my GL Wagon. Alot of Parts are NLA for engine and suspension. Bushings are hard to come by, so plan on making your own if they wear out. I have found 30+ years on my engine it is worn out. $2000 engine swap coming because I am buying proper parts. It all comes down to how much you love your car. Mine has a no cracks in the dash, the interiors rough but can be uplholstered and no rust. $2000 for an engine swal that I know will do well beats a 2K car i could replace it with that i know nothing about
  2. @DaveT i just checked and sure enough the throttle wasnt closing! I got her idling at 850RPM! Now a new problem arised. All the fuel is draining back to the tank and i have to put some in the carb to start. Another problem is its still pissing oil out of the valve covers. I did gaskets and they tightened down, but i wonder if the camshaft seals are the culprit lol. I am now looking for a decent EJ to swap in, as i am tired of this EA82 and no parts available lol
  3. Hey all! Got the EA82 wagon running. Weber swap and running strong. However the idle will not drop below 2500. I have set the idle screw 1 turn on the weber and it starts, but revs to 3000RPM. Turn ditributor both ways, revs to 2500 then to 4000RPM. Somebody have any ideas?
  4. If its popping back through the throttle thats a timing issue. Make sure your plug wires are going to the right cylinder from the correct post on the distributor. I am 5300FT elevation with a Weber so i set my timing at about 16° without Vaccuum hooked up.
  5. @FerGloyale i went aftermarket because my summers are 110 degrees lol. Have an adjustable controller so i can set it for 180-200 degree turn on temps.
  6. @naru2 thanks. I talked with glowshift and that is indeed the right one. Ordered one yesterday and now I am just doing some finishing touches on the car.
  7. So after sitting two years on the back burner, i got a battery and my trusty screw driver to start it, poored some new gas in the carb and boom! She fired right up! Until the old fuel filled the carb lol. Im draining the tank, putting in some 91 octane and i am going to time her as her idle is way high (when she idled for a few seconds it jumped to 1200 RPM). Thanks to all on this board who post technical questions as i used these answers to make her run again! This is a weber swapped car.
  8. Anybody know the thermo-switch size on the EA82 radiator? Getting a fan kit with a switch that taps into the radiator as I dont trust probes. the kit comes with a 1/8NPT switch as well as an adapter bung that goes to 3/8NPT. Are any of these sizes going to work? just want to make sure i dont blow money and order the wrong thing.
  9. wagons

    Junkyard GLs

    Hows the rubber side molding? Any wagons?
  10. @tylertrend the datsun adapter you are thinking of is a Transdapt 2107. This adapter flange fits the EA82 and adapts to a weber. I know because i use this exact one. I picked up a used Weber for $50. My weber passed emissions in Phoenix AZ, run it lean at first (almost scary lean). Hitachi carbs are absolute crap and most carb shops will not take the time to rebuild one (never work properly after a rebuild). I have a chinese weber copy i will send you if you pay for shipping. It ran well but its not a REAL weber.
  11. wagons

    Electric fan for EA82

    Want to take some pictures or explain wiring? I dont do wiring, other that plugging in connectors lol
  12. I'd do an EJ swap. Can pick them up for $1000 all day long and parts are common from like 1992 all the way to like 2014. EA82 parts are becoming impossible to get.
  13. Man, that is the only thing that was stopping me from pulling the trigger on an EJ Swap! I need a/c in Arizona in summer its 115 degrees and not driveable without it.
  14. Can this be setup to use the AC? A lot of people have told me using AC in an EJ swap is not possible with an EA82 because of vaccuum operated and electric controls, however i have swapped modern engines into old AE86 corollas and used a LINK and made AC work.