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  1. The pin (screw driver) is there just for reference. The Inhibit Switch is installed per FSM bar cable. If you notice the shift cable itself. It will not go any further back (rearward) so I can not put it onto the I.S. with switch in the park position. (2 more position's rearward of image position) The image should be with gear lever already in Park. Though I will triple check after work this evening.
  2. So I went to swap out my '98 LGT 4EAT back to it's original transmission as I had taken it out to repair (Duty C etc) but I evidently fubar'd the oil pump putting it back in because once it was fully seated it would not turn more than .5-1" But that isn't my issue. When I put the temp trany back into car I can not get the sifter cable to install correctly. Even after putting the inside adjuster screw all the way forward/inward. I still need about a 1/2" further. No man handling to get it to work either. Note this is like the 3 or 4th time installing auto trans into this particular car. I went by the FSM Inhibitor Switch and adjusting guidelines. I looked at the lever assembly and it seems 100% AOK. IE not bent out of shape etc. (though I don't have a picture of one) I'm at a loss.
  3. OK so I looked at it last night and it can not go upside down. The 2 bolts that hold the cable "strap" are meant to go only one way. It can go 180° but again that didn't make a difference. Also I need more that a total 1/2" of travel. That would only get me on the Inhibitor switch at Neutral (see pic 1) . I would still need the travel to transverse Reverse and Park. I would guess 2" total. Here is the cable at the shifter. Notice that the adjuster nut is all the way forward. And I have the rear one removed at the moment. and other side If you need a larger image than above just copy the link and remove the .sm from the URL. So can that cable stretch? I have felt the cable where I can and it it feels consistent but that is the only thing I can comprehend being wrong.
  4. Yes about cable. I assume you refer to the plate assembly. Technically the "hump and indent" should be toward rear of car. The cable then sits nicely into this groove and isn't allowed to move forward. And I have tried it 180°. (hump forward) No difference. Though I haven't tried it upside down. And after looking at the FSM again. It doesn't give any instructions on the Plate ASSY nor does it even show the piece that holds the cable to it. I will go out and try it upside down from current. If not will flip back and take a picture of it and the lever connector/adjustment area.