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    I am part of a Subaru family. I have the Subaru that's been in my family since I was a baby. I have big goals for getting it how I want it. I want to use this forum to get good advice and accomplish my goal!
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    1989 Subaru GL
  1. BeastmodeGL89

    New water pump leaking...

    It was leaking from the o ring. It's brand new. Wtf mate
  2. BeastmodeGL89

    New water pump leaking...

    You guys are amazing thank you for the advice. I picked up a fel pro gasket today. Going clean it up. I got high tack brush on sealent just to hold the gasket in place as I do the install again. I'll keep you guys informed. Crossing my fingers lol
  3. I just replaced timing belts and did my water pump too. I put water pump rtv on both sides of thegasket. Got the bolts snug till it ooZed the waited an hour then snugged them down. I took just a scraper to clean the old stuff off. I started the car up and i noticed it leaking. This had been days after I installed the new water pump before I started the car. Should I take the water pump off and get a new seal? The seal that came with the pump looks really thin and cheap too I noticed. Any advice??
  4. Hi there Subaru lovers of all kind lol. I have had my Subaru since I was about 2 years of age. It has stayed in the family for years. I would like to put an sjr lift in it but I know you have to do some fabrications and such. I was wondering if there was a professional shop that could install the kit properly or anyone that would like to do it on the side. I would like to see past work of course. This car is very sentimental to me. It's an 1989 GL with the high low gear box. I'm currently putting my rebuilt ea motor in it as we speak. If anyone can help me out I've been searching for a long time. My dad also has one that needs to be fixed. I think he has the 4 inch lift in it now.