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  1. Hey everyone, new here, just bought this awesome 1990 Loyale, want to make it into an off-roading machine, but it has a spark issue, few details on the car: 1990 Loyale manufactured 6/89, non auto seatbelt, air conditioned, manual tranny, 4WD, SPFI. It's got 3 main wires coming out of the fender/main harness, colors white with yellow, black with white, and solid yellow, then it does this confusing mess with the igniter, there's a picture I attached, I think the wires have been messed with and need help putting it back how it should go, and then at the end I have a solid blue, solid yellow, and 2 black with white wires that need to go to the ignition coil. Thank you for any help you are able to provide.
  2. What should I do when none of the wiring diagrams have an igniter in the circuit and some of the colors don't match? I'm wondering if someone got the wiring harness from another year in the past? Are there any fairly easy substitutes to make the car have spark with advance? Say like modules or computers from another car and frankenstein it in? Or somehow get rid of this igniter thing? Is the igniter important? And how would I go to test it?