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  1. I got mine with a thin walled 13/16th spark socket and like 10 inches of extension.
  2. Vkbikes

    LCA Bolt

    That is true, hopefully the poly bushings fit correctly.
  3. Vkbikes

    LCA Bolt

    Ok, the engineer in me was likely over thinking it. I was concerned that if I didn't match the shoulder length properly id run the risk of binding the poly bushings.
  4. Vkbikes

    LCA Bolt

    Xt6 front control arms. Need the bolt, but Subaru part number doesn't yield anything.
  5. Hello, I'm working on my 5 lug swap and my LCAs came without bolts. I know they're 12mm but do they need to be shouldered for the length of the bushing or does threaded work? Any idea where I can get ones that match?
  6. I'm having trouble locating the CTS on this engine. The car will start and stall in park. In neutral it'll start and respond to throttle. It stalled in traffic on my way home so i parked it and went and got a drink, came out, wiggled wires around where I could've bumped something and then it started fine, check engine was gone.
  7. But the problem is intermittent, the aav has never been connected in the whole time I've owned it. At first I thought it was because it was getting cold here in the PNW but after the initial issues there were some cold mornings it was fine, so I'm just at a loss.
  8. So about 2 weeks ago I had an issue starting my 89 gl with ea82t, it shook like it was misfiring and wouldn't stay running without my foot on the throttle. Once it warmed up no issues. I didn't have another problem, but I changed the coil which was original out for an MSD unit. It ran much smoother. Then today I drove a mile, then I did plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. The rotor came out in multiple pieces, so I figured it'd run better. However it struggled to stay running without throttle and set a check engine. Then again later the same thing after it sat. It's almost like it's not getting enough fuel at startup. Is mpdi, and the aav is disconnected. Any ideas?
  9. Vkbikes

    Superpro Kit numbers

    Right. And you might be able to trim the center of the bushing as well. Now if only they didn't cost $80
  10. Vkbikes

    Superpro Kit numbers

    I haven't yet, but that's what I intend to order. It would appear the Loyale/gl trailing arm is the same bushing as the xt6 front. The overall width of the sp1144k kit when installed will be 2mm wider then stock. I have not yet confirmed that this will fit, but it should.
  11. Vkbikes

    Superpro Kit numbers

    For the sway bar bushings on the xt6 arms, SPF1815 with SPF3110T tubes should work. There will be a 2mm gap in the center but that shouldn't matter. https://i.imgur.com/m0pKmVP.jpg
  12. Vkbikes

    Superpro Kit numbers

    I contacted Superpro and the SPF1144K kit is very close to the XT6 sizes. For your viewing pleasure, here is a comparison on engineering paper. https://i.imgur.com/p0OOSGk.jpg
  13. Vkbikes

    Superpro Kit numbers

    Well from what I can tell, there's some mention of super pro SPF1144K, but there's no mention of sizing, just that they fit a Leon chassis wagon rear trailing arm.
  14. As far as installing ej studs, id like some clarification. The knurl on Dorman 610-401 is 14.43mm, or .568in. A 9/16th drill bit is .5625 which only undersized by .0055in not a lot of meat for the knurl. There's also a .5512in bit, which is undersized by .0168in. Any suggestions?
  15. Just like the subject says, how can I be sure the front control arms are xt6? (5 lug swap) The mount for the bushing measures 31.4mm id for the metal sleeve if that helps.