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    Lift Kit Novice, Subaru Novice, I want something to stick it to the Jeeper Creepers, I do technical support and management for an engineering and manufacturing firm, I like flying and camping and shooting
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  1. OSC Jake

    2000 OB off road/daily duty wagon

    Can't wait to see more on this. I'm really impressed with the creativity.
  2. What a great thread! I'm jealous of both your car and your photography skills. Loads of great shots in here. Thanks!
  3. OSC Jake

    Subaru Noob

    That's a sweet ride! It appears my goals are obviously achievable, so now I just have to figure out the best way to do it! Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Scott, this is helpful as I'm somewhat interested in a similar build. Do you know if someone could combine that lift with King Springs for more lift, then use sub frame spacers to drop the other components down? My thoughts are that I can get similar geometry compared to just using the 2" spacer lift but allow bigger tires under the car (possibly having to cut fenders as well). Just curious. Thanks again!
  5. OSC Jake

    Subaru Noob

    I'm still looking. I planned on a '97 or '98 Outback but now I'm extending my search up to about 2003. I know there are some differences between the models but I've been finding some really nice 2000 through 2003 models that had decent mileage and were pretty clean for not a ton of money. At the moment though I'm trying to figure out what it takes to get either maximum lift without having to drop driveline components (so about the most I can get without getting CVs in a bind) OR how much of a hassle it is going to be to put in sub frame spacers and drop the engine and all that goes with it (then mess with steering and all that jazz). I'll probably peruse the forums a bit more then start asking more specific questions. I'm definitely new to this and I don't mind spending the time or money to do it but I also have to justify it to my wife and I really don't want to go over budget (too much) on whatever I sell her on. Otherwise I'll never get to chase a hobby again. LOL.
  6. I've been lurking for a little over a year, researching for what I'm calling my "dream car": a lifted Outback. I don't know much about Subaru cars or these kinds of lifts...all my friends are Jeep guys. I've learned a lot in this forum so far (seems to be the best forum on the subject) and I hope to learn more in the next few months so I can proceed with my plans.