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  1. MWLoyale

    AWD Transmission Swap

    Im not too familiar with differentials or these early fulltime 4wd sube transmissions Do you mean swap the ring gear and stub shafts in the transmission? And does dodgy mean unreliable? Or weak? Side note: i know next to nothing about this full time 4wd transmission, where can i find good info on it?
  2. What are the necessary bits to swap an awd transmission from a 1988 gl coupe into my 1993 loyale? Has anyone ever done this? Thanks
  3. MWLoyale

    Motor Mounts EA82

    I did not, i ended up buying a pair off ebay that ended up being westar brand. I paid cheap for em, i think $40 for money saving purposes. I just got an ea82 block with 101k from upullit from an 89 dl and i plan on using group n mounts on that. I would have no hesitation suggesting using group n mounts on an ea82, but i havent done it so i cant be sure. Like G said, it only requires a hole to be drilled. The mounts look identical other than the extra stud on ej mounts.
  4. MWLoyale

    Motor Mounts EA82

    Thats what i had thought. Thanks G
  5. Has anyone used group n motor mounts on their ea82? They look very similar to the ones on my 1.8L.
  6. MWLoyale

    EA82 Control Arm Bushings

    Are there any options i have for replacing these bushings?
  7. Can i swap a windshield from a 1989 dl sedan to my 93 loyale wagon? Also if anyone needs parts from a 89 dl with 3AT EA82, base model as far as i can tell (crank windows, manual seatbelts, no tach) there is one at my jy right now. PM me with questions about parts
  8. I have a 93 loyale Would these bushigs work for the control arms? Has anyone ever got them? https://www.amazon.com/20201Aa000-Front-Bushing-Subaru-Febest/dp/B00DMA71MU/ref=pd_bxgy_263_img_3/145-4243497-3177661?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00DMA71MU&pd_rd_r=32de795f-7f51-11e9-bbb8-afc81129452f&pd_rd_w=TFgVE&pd_rd_wg=XM35G&pf_rd_p=a2006322-0bc0-4db9-a08e-d168c18ce6f0&pf_rd_r=T5KBCBK22FMEFDGNS00G&psc=1&refRID=T5KBCBK22FMEFDGNS00G https://www.amazon.com/FEBEST-SAB-BHRL-Control-Arm-Bushing/dp/B00R97HJNS/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Subaru|13&Model=Loyale|65&Year=1993|1993&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive It looks like an ea82 control arm, but reviews say otherwise "fits 2002 outback" ...
  9. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Thank you for the lovely picture, now I have one like that. Woohoo
  10. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Hmmm that's interesting. It fits the bolt holes on the head perfectly so I'm pretty sure it's a Subaru part
  11. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    that looks like a completely different bracket than the one i have pictured, don't you agree?
  12. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    I ripped out my a.c. on my 93 loyale, same ea82 spfi engine
  13. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Do I need a spacer somewhere?