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  1. MWLoyale

    Junkyard GLs

    They have been crushed
  2. MWLoyale

    Engine front re-seal

    Ive been buying itm engine components from rockauto. It comes in at a good price and the pulley feels nice in the hands. Seems like a good product, but dont hold me to that (at least til the old girl runs proper ha then ill know for sure). And omni for the belt, nice rubber they have.
  3. MWLoyale

    Junkyard GLs

    Still looking?
  4. What kind of taillights are these? There isnt any overlay, the tint appears really well done or original. Are the jdm or regular ol wrx tail lights? Two part numbers, both koito 220-20915 and 220-20917
  5. MWLoyale

    Junkyard GLs

    I will check when i go next, both wagons
  6. MWLoyale

    Junkyard GLs

    I think one has auto windows, both have manual seat belts.
  7. There are two 86 gl wagons in the local u pull and i wanted to see if anyone wants me to get parts. One wagon seems older and has a different dash than most 3rd gens ive seen with the light and wiper switch on the dash iirc. One dr pt 4wd left and both engines (ea82 carbed). Interior pieces, engine pieces, let me know. PM me for more details. Thanks, Devin
  8. Ordered an aisin kit a month ago, everything including the gasket was up to oem spec. The mitsuboshi bbelt was made in thailand.... are they japan or thailand usually?
  9. Thanks, i also found those earlier today while browsing. I saw that the sti rings are indeed a different thickness and wouldnt be compatible.
  10. Will rings from a newer 2.5 work? Because its kind of difficult to find rings specific to the 97-99 ej25. Ex. Rings for an sti or baja or something similar.
  11. What is a good set of oversized pistons and rings to get for an ej25d from a 1999 legacy? .020 Thanks
  12. MWLoyale

    AWD Transmission Swap

    Im not too familiar with differentials or these early fulltime 4wd sube transmissions Do you mean swap the ring gear and stub shafts in the transmission? And does dodgy mean unreliable? Or weak? Side note: i know next to nothing about this full time 4wd transmission, where can i find good info on it?