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  1. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Thank you for the lovely picture, now I have one like that. Woohoo
  2. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Hmmm that's interesting. It fits the bolt holes on the head perfectly so I'm pretty sure it's a Subaru part
  3. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    that looks like a completely different bracket than the one i have pictured, don't you agree?
  4. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    I ripped out my a.c. on my 93 loyale, same ea82 spfi engine
  5. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    Do I need a spacer somewhere?
  6. MWLoyale

    Alternator bracket mounting

    I will take a couple pictures of what I'm talking about tomorrow, or maybe I'll have it figured out by then. Thanks for the input, but those aren't the same style bracket I have. I'm using a 87 or 88 gl alternator bracket. Does not have a spot for the a/c.
  7. Could someone please explain how the alternator bracket without a/c should be put on? I got it all together, but couldn't tension the belt. I think I might be putting something together wrong or maybe I'm missing a piece? A picture would do me a ton of justice here. Thank you
  8. I recently acquired a few nice accessories for my Loyale from an older GL. I grabbed the map light and the rear cargo light. My question is would I need to run a wire from the battery to the map light spot and rear light spot? Would it be unsafe to splice into an existing circuit? My second question, is the instrument cluster from the GL with the oil pressure and volt gauge transferrable to my 93 Loyale? Thanks in advance.
  9. Where can I find front 4wd struts for a 1993 subaru loyale, rockauto only has rear 4wd. Is there a difference between 2wd and 4wd front struts?
  10. About two years ago on my 93 loyale when I was messing with the heater hoses I accidentally yanked on the speedometer cable and the speedometer stopped working. I reattached the cable from underneath the dash, but the speedometer still didn't work. It made a clicking sound that was correlated with how fast the car was going (going faster = faster clicking). What does this say about the cable?
  11. MWLoyale

    Exhaust Gaskets

    These are the gaskets I got for my manifold. I believe they are the right ones, they fit and the exhaust no longer leaks. Plus the new stud and helicoil is tight so everything finally worked out.
  12. MWLoyale

    Exhaust Gaskets

    I called the dealer and we got the right ones ordered i believe, I'm stilled waiting for them.
  13. MWLoyale

    Exhaust Gaskets

    The gaskets are listed on this link https://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru_1993_Loyale-WAGON-TURBO/_54102_6024434/EXHAUST-REAR/A11-440-C2.html The diagram is on the first link.
  14. I'm looking at Subaru's website to get some exhaust gaskets for my 93 loyale. My question is what gasket goes where? on the website - https://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru_1993_Loyale-WAGON-TURBO/_54102_6024433/EXHAUST-REAR/A11-440-C1.html it has the same part number for three different exhaust gaskets. I'm guessing the crush gasket goes in between the resonator and y pipe, but I have no clue about the other two. The two I'm talking about almost look interchangeable (one has a divot on the sides). Who knows which goes where?
  15. MWLoyale

    Timing Belt Trouble

    My belt is wearing away, constantly rubbing. definitely not comfortable like yours lol