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  1. Im still waiting for replies back guys.....yes, I want the parts. And, the turn signal arm too on the wheel if in good shape.
  2. Mathewson's Automotive (Renton, Washington) kept my old 86 Subaru GL running for the past 20+ years......until engine finally gave out at over 340,000 miles. They typically work mostly on vintage hot rod and collector cars, but I used them because they knew their s.... If they are within striking distance of you and your 87 Brat, I'd consider using them for your engine rebuild needs.
  3. I havent heard back yet on costs from you guys yet, any news?
  4. Even the most involved vehicle rebuilds pale in comparison to what it takes to rebuild a person's reputation. In most cases........it can't be done once destroyed.
  5. I messaged John privately and am awaiting his response. I'd consider your set as well Bennie.
  6. Looks like the same as the 85, but are the rear ones the same as a wagon? Moms is the wagon.
  7. Yes, those are what I need! Here is my old one, see the cutout and raised edge for the inside triangle cover plate? Please PM me, I'll want all 4 of them (front and rear) with the rubber window parts that are screwed into them. I'm in Seattle.
  8. I'll try to snap a pic of moms car tomorrow without her knowing. If she sees me, she will know I'm up to something....lol. I'd like to replace hers with a new uphostered/restored one. But she gets weird about modifying her original stuff, so wouldn't let me do it to hers. Which is why I want to just get another one and fix up that one. The vinyl on hers is turning to dust now on the top from years of sun damage. I'll post a pic of the one that came out of mine showing the difference for that triangle piece tomorrow, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  9. It has to be a 1985 model though. This part was in this specific design for that one year only.
  10. Im talking about the armrest part, where your arm goes if the window is down.
  11. It seems both people's reputations are on the line now, hopefully this ends with a satisfactory result and both can move on from this unfortunate situation.
  12. I guess nobody has these then.....bummer.