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  1. Thanks for the info guys, but it appears that part number has been discontinued. I did order those exact ones too awhile back as well, but Subaru changed them enough to not work. The inner width was changed to be shorter for some unknown reason. No big deal, I'll make new ones. I'll post some pics once I do, likely this week.
  2. So I ended up getting 10 of the covers awhile back, refinished them and they look great. But....... I cant find any original nylon rings in good shape to install them. I tried a couple 3D printed ones, but they dont hold up long. I'm going to take my best one, refurbish it best I can, and remold it. I'll make my own out of solid plastic.....see if that works. The good thing is at least I'll be able to paint them.
  3. Checkerboard Comet

    wagon wheel center cap tricks or tips?

    Will post picks when I get them...
  4. Checkerboard Comet

    wagon wheel center cap tricks or tips?

    My buddy is printing them now on his printer, I hope they work!
  5. Checkerboard Comet

    wagon wheel center cap tricks or tips?

    I'd want 3 full sets, one for each of my two GL's and a spare/backup set.
  6. Checkerboard Comet

    wagon wheel center cap tricks or tips?

    New printed ones would be great, the original ones are now really brittle from weather exposure anyway.
  7. Checkerboard Comet

    wagon wheel center cap tricks or tips?

    I ordered 723146020, and they don't work. If you look at the pic, you will see my original one is a tad wider. The new one is smaller, ugh. Yes, it makes a difference.
  8. I just wanted to pass along this information... I got a email yesterday from the following website saying they have a bunch of these caps, and they are $12 a piece (not including shipping). Just in case anyone else out there wants a set, fyi. www.mttechsuba.com
  9. Mom's car is a 1985 GL light blue wagon. I'm thinking about color matching the caps to match, with a solid black center where the round emblem went.
  10. I paid $50, including shipping.
  11. I just picked up a set of 4 for my mom's car, so she will be happy now. Of course I'll clean them up and make them look great!
  12. Checkerboard Comet

    Used 81 - 84 parts

    Got any center wheel covers? I too am in Seattle
  13. Does anyone recommended a particular company or brand on aftermarket dashboard covers, like the suede or velour ones? Mine is faded to the point of turning to dust in areas......would like to put a good cover on it.
  14. Hey guys, I've been trying to find some of the center wheel caps like shown in this picture, anyone got any they can part with? They don't have to have the Subaru logo emblem on them, just the cap itself......with no dents. I'm going to repaint them anyway. Thanks. The earlier version had a indented design (BRAT's, etc.), I want the smooth all the way around ones like as shown. Gary
  15. Checkerboard Comet

    Wanted: 1985-1990's GL front bumper (Seattle area)

    So here's what I ended up doing. Mom was adamant about having the same exact style bumper as the one that was damaged. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find one. I did find a early 90's Loyale and grabbed that one.....it was beige though. I decided to to reskin that bumper and took mine off my 86 GL and put it on mom's car instead. I will take the Loyale one and all will be good again ???? Once I put both GL and Loyale versions side by side, its pretty significant the safety changes that were made to the Loyale version. I will never use a GL one again in my car, as the Loyale one is clearly built stronger......and fits like a glove. I only had to splice in the different wire connectors to make the lights work.