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  1. The brat has 327k on it.. The cluster I bought on eBay.. I also wired the sender directly to the contact on the back of the cluster marked o.p... gauge is intermittent... Game over for now.. just going to run with the aftermarket unit and gauge.
  2. Nevermind. I'm dum... On the back of the cluster, on the circuit board you can plainly see the o.p circuit going to the cluster plug... duh...
  3. I bought the last OEM sender in US for ea81... or so my parts guy says. Still no bueno.. drives me nuts having all my gauges except oil pressure working. Cluster only has 59k.
  4. I still am looking find the wire at the back of the cluster for the oil sender in cluster. OEM gauge tests good when I ground it, but when I put OEM sender in no bueno.
  5. Excellent! Thank you. I have another pump from the engine I took out. Might do a quick swap and see if anything changes. Your reply truly does set my mind at ease. Thank you thank you. Erik.
  6. Ok... My brat guy rebuilt me a semi fresh ea81 with an RV cam. He didn't have an extra oil pump so he took the one off of my old engine. He said it was good. Ok.. Here's my question. Cold start up ( after market electric gauge and sender) pressure is slightly above 75.. running Valvoline vr1 20-50. Driving home on the freeway I can slowly watch it drop to around 40- 43ish as the oil reaches temp. I know some ea81's oil pressure spec is 57@2500 and 43@5000. I'm not super concerned, but it would be nice to have some other input. Idle hot around 20. Haven't checked hot with shop gauge on the freeway. What's minimum hot @ 3000? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hoping somebody here knows which wire on the back of cluster goes to oil pressure gauge on an 85 brat. I know the gauge works fine. It's the wiring going to the cluster from the sender. I don't like the aftermarket one I put in. I was going to run a new wire from the sender to the cluster... It's yellow with black at the fender harness, but changes somewhere... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Erik
  8. Ok... With the help of general disorder I got it figured out. I opened up the secondary throttle plate enough to back out my fast idle screw to where there is no ported vacuum at idle... Timed to 16btdc... Runs way better...
  9. Ok... Just got my solid lifter ea81 back from the builder and he put an RV cam in it. I've got a Weber 32/36 and here's my question... Has anyone run this set up. If so, did you have to re-jet the Weber 32/36? It's a lot harder than I thought to get the idle mixture right... Still working on it actually.. I know it's all going to change after the engines broken in... Does anyone have jet numbers for the main and secondaries? Plugs look ok, but a little on the lean side.. I would prefer to run a little rich than lean ..... Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Eriksund


    Been lurking for years. Best site for my brat!!! Learned so so much... Thank you all...
  11. Eriksund


    Hi there folks! Been lurking for long time...used you guys for lots of help on my 85 brat...just wanted to say thank you and hopefully help those brat lovers....hella easy to work on....I've done all the work in my garage....making her brand new one piece at a time...I also have 01 outback sport with the famous ej22.... The brat has 313k...trying to load photo....No bueno...