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    Im 49 and have owned several 4wds over the years including a suzuki sierra 1300 and a mental 60 series landcruiser with 35s, a hot 350 chev and turbo 400 box. This is my 1st Subaru.
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  1. Knucklehead Saloon

    Brumby project

    Put each piston on btc and measure the bores with an internal micrometer. Smallest bores with least out of round will tell you which block has the least miles on it or best looked after engine when in use. If it's the one with the pitting you could use an epoxy metal like Devcon to fill the pits then file the face back smooth. That stuff is impervious to water, oil, heat etc etc. I'd also re-ring the pistons of your chosen block while you can. No need to pull down the block for that, gudgeon pin circlips are accessible through bungs on the side of the cylinders. Pull the clips, pull the pins, pull pistons out the top of the block. Cheers, Knuck.
  2. Knucklehead Saloon

    Correct break in for new rings and bearings?

    Weird GD.... my mech tradie when I was an apprentice told me it took 10k to bed in mains and bottom ends...
  3. Knucklehead Saloon

    Brat and Hard top owners - where does your dog sit?

    My big hound sits happily in the passenger seat of the brumby with her head sticking out the window. She loves it !
  4. Knucklehead Saloon

    No fire on cylinders 2 and 4

    Could also be a big coolant leak from the intake manifold gasket on that bank of cylinders. My money is on valve clearances being too small for that bank though.
  5. Knucklehead Saloon


    I've always used armour all. It's got a UV protectant in it. It's the UV component of sunlight that degrades plastic and makes it brittle and crumbly. Once its weak then the heat / cold cycles typically found inside a car will expand and contract the weakened plastic making it crack. Also recommend dark window tinting if you live in a warm climate to reduce in cabin temps. Cheers.
  6. Knucklehead Saloon

    Electric Choke

    If you can't find an accessories on wire in the loom under the hood then run power from the red wire at the back of the radio. Cheers.
  7. Knucklehead Saloon

    Minor mystery

    Exhaust restriction ?
  8. Knucklehead Saloon

    86 GL Losing power

    +1 to what DaveT said. Sounds like a collapsed baffle in the muffler or cat. That'll give you a rattle and/or flapping sound and kill top end power. Try getting someone to hold a steady 2000 rpm in the driveway while you stand at the back of the car. Then shut the motor down quick. Alot of times you'll hear a hissing sound as exhaust still escapes past an exhaust blockage. Cheers Knucklehead.
  9. Knucklehead Saloon

    Auto seatbelts

    I just replaced mine with aftetmarket generic. Pretty cheap too.
  10. Knucklehead Saloon

    Spider screaming out for twins..

    Sweeeeeeet !! Are you going for a custom plenum on top of the spider ?
  11. Knucklehead Saloon

    "Heavy Duty" CV Axles

    I must have lucked out. I bought heavy duty front axles from rock auto for my brumby (stock lift). They've been in there for 20,000 now and still going strong. Boots holding up well. Cheers, Knucklehead
  12. Knucklehead Saloon

    85 brat. Need advice from a expert.

    Fuel filters, plugs leads n rotor button. When you pull the plugs they'll tell you alot about whats going on from the color.
  13. Knucklehead Saloon

    Brumby Nolathane Swaybar Bushes Upgrade

    Mine were knackered at 140k miles
  14. Knucklehead Saloon

    Brumby Nolathane Swaybar Bushes Upgrade

    Keen to hear your report mate !
  15. ^ what GD said +1 Search through tweety's posts for jetting info if you're unhappy with the supplied jetting in the weber.