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  1. PM for info. We have a full 79 brat and a couple of their complete parts car so more parts than I can list
  2. Teamemdor


    Yeah no worries we have turbo dizzys. Just send me a PM we will get you all set. Car freak you keep thinking I'm Mia on you but we are talking on facebook about the same parts lol. PM me on facebook so we can keep the conversation in one place please. Thanks!
  3. Hello,

    I'm still very interested in the parts we discussed.



  4. Teamemdor

    1979 Brat Dual Carb EA81 Swap

    It looks amazing man congrats on all of the hard work
  5. I have one pic I think
  6. under the wipers on each side. Yeah just pull the dash it is easy on 3rd gen cars be careful and go slow
  7. Teamemdor

    Clutch Kit Comparisons

    It doesn't say anything about the Royale because that would be the 24 spline and you are getting the 21 spline in the 225 mm size..
  8. 2nd gen heads I checked already. Not very rare..Yeah first guy grabbed the turbo and most of the choice stuff is gone plus it being a loyal it doesn't have the high trim options. Also this yard charges really high prices compared to other places. Rust underneath and the fenders are all rusted out
  9. Teamemdor

    My RX

    Looks great. We have one we picked up recently they are super fun to drive