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  1. Sold everything from whats left? I see a lot less on ebay too
  2. sorry I didnt read the post well. Mines for a Loyale dont know if they are different or not.

  3. I got a blue one in Boise. cargo cover that is!!!

  4. Teamemdor

    89 xt6 2.7L tapping

    Sounds like lifters... Sometimes it takes hundreds of miles to go away. Try starting your car during the warm part of the day does it help?
  5. Teamemdor

    1981 & 1984 GL parts

    just sent a pm
  6. Hello you need a turbo for an ex? vf7

  7. Try bringing the timing down to 10 and keep running premium. See if you can get ethanol free. I have a new ea81 oil pump btw. It's rare I know lol
  8. Teamemdor

    1991 XT6 won’t idle, runs rough

    Check your fuel pressure,coolant temp sensor,tps sensor and timing. My guess with an xt6? coolant temp sensor or pigtail connector for it are onnthe fritz
  9. Agreed. Very shady to not respond and just delete the post!
  10. This is not the first time the dude has taken 100-200 reminders to respond or square up. We have had bad experiences as well and I know of many others... And $500 is a huge number. I see them online for 200 all day.... I saw the first post and it had a lot of support. Then was deleted? Not Cool at all!
  11. I could use that trunk if you can pull parts! Rack is cool!
  12. PM for info. We have a full 79 brat and a couple of their complete parts car so more parts than I can list