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  1. That's very good to know! Again, thanks!
  2. I've heard you can just use gasket maker, but I'm not sure
  3. Alright, so after some research I'm about ready to start an engine rebuild of my ea81. I'm going to use this thread to keep track of my misadventures as I work through attempting to redo an engine that has little to no parts availability, so that you don't have to experience my pain. Videos of the rebuild will most likely end up on my youtube channel. First thing's first. The vehicle that is in need of a rebuild is none other than my rusted-out, ex-daily driver 1984 Subaru brat. I purchased this heap for 400 dollars when I was 14 years old. By purchased, I mean I worked 50 hours for a farmer during harvest at 8 dollars an hour and in exchange recieved the privilage of cleaning his pasture for him so I could liberate it. It was my first car and first project. I drug it out of said pasture here in the midwestern united states, checked the oil, fixed the mouse-eaten wiring to the fuel pump, aired up the 30 year old tires, and drove my new to me 92,000 mile car home and proceeded to park it for 2 years, occasionally starting it up. when I got my license I changed the oil and dailied it for about a year, just around my VERY VERY small town and occasionally going 30 miles to walmart for groceries. once I hit 93000 miles the engine started to make a knocking noise, and then it started not wanting to run. So I stopped making it. I figured id rather have bearings to replace than an entire engine. In the coming months, I realized just how poor parts availability for the ea81 is. but that's why I'm making this thread, right? Occasionally, rockauto has parts like the bearings available, but only occasionally, so I have been trying to find an alternative source thats a little more *ahem* reliable. I had heard that the ea81 shares the same main/rod bearings as the ea82 and er27. If anyone can confirm this I would greatly appreciate it. That's all I've got for now. I'll check back in once I start pulling the engine and know what all I need Ciao Subarute
  4. Did you ever get around to making that writeup?
  5. I heard that I could crank the torsion bars in the back but how about front?
  6. I heard that I could crank the torsion bars in the back but how about front?
  7. I do have a 1979 that was in an engine fire, and I am toying with swapping the dual range case and manual tranny in to my 84 eventually.
  8. It is in fact an auto. I meant to state that in the original post but forgot. Thanks.
  9. Thanks to everyone. Need to get her in good running order before the end of september. Heres a pic if you guys are interested. Shes a little rough but only 92k miles.
  10. So should i take apart the shifter handle and check the switch before anything else? (This queston applies to prior reply from silverhelme to just couldn't figure out how to qoute 2 posts)
  11. Hey guys, I have a 1984 subaru brat that I bought because it had 4wd, but when I push the 4wd button the light will light up on the dash as long as I hold the button down, but the rear end won't kick in. Any thoughts?
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