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  1. I've been searching for a bit and I haven't found anything specifically about how to lift the rear end (torsion bar) of a Gen 1 Brat. Can anyone give me an idea of what's involved in giving my Brat a little lift? I put a rooftop tent on the SnugTop (reinforced of course) and the weight up there makes it handle a bit squirrely. I was thinking I could try boosting the rear end a couple inches to help keep the front end from getting loosey goosey on the highway. Admittedly, this is a shot in the dark so a simple "no, that's dumb" would actually be appreciated. If that's the case, any helpful guidance would also be helpful. Thanks all!!
  2. yournmhr

    EA81 Oil Pump

    You are a life saver!! I just replied to your PM with my contact info. Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, So I'm planning a road trip in my BRAT in a few weeks, and decided to do a little preventative maintenance. Had a messy oil leak and a some ticking, so I decided to replace seals and the paper gasket on the oil pump. I think we all know what happens when you remove an oil pump on these engines... Now I'm in the market for a new (I wish) or used pump. I've found two new and one used one in Greece (car.gr), 12 new in Columbia (mercadolibre.com.co) and one new one in Mexico. There are a couple of shady looking websites (sabrmarket.xyz; nsbamall.xyz) that claim to have them new, but don't respond to emails. I've tried just about every salvage yard I can find in the PNW and I'm coming up blank... Does anyone have a specific salvage yard that they know has one? Or maybe you'd be willing to part with one yourself? It's been three weeks of scouring the internet and I've exhausted every option I can think of. Next step is to see if a skilled machinist/welder friend of mine can weld it back together and then mill off the weld material. TL;DR: If anyone has an EA81 oil pump available (in any condition other than cracked) I would pay handsomely for it.
  4. yournmhr

    EA81 oil pump removal pics

    I’ve tried to contact a couple of folks via gumtree. No response. Found two brand new ones via car.gr in Greece, no response. I got a response from a guy with a used one in Greece telling me it’s too expensive to ship. I wish he’d let me decide how I’ll spend my money! I work at a machine shop, so I’m trying to get one of our proto guys to machine one...
  5. yournmhr

    EA81 oil pump removal pics

    Any chance you know where to find another? The ebay listing I found refunded me due to an inventory error and ERS sent me an EA71 oil pump...
  6. yournmhr

    EA81 oil pump removal pics

    Engine Rebuilders Supply (Troutdale, OR) has used ones in stock... I've got one on the way right now. Tried doing a seal replacement and the aluminum plate between the block and the pump was cracked in half No scoring on the pump rotors though!
  7. Does the fender fit a '79 Brat? I would be very interested if it does!
  8. yournmhr

    1st Gen Wishlist

    Thanks! That’ll definitely make the search easier.
  9. Hi folks, I'm looking to start doing some cosmetic work on my '79 BRAT. Specifically I need the below (preferably in red but i'll take what I can get!): tailgate (or even just the handle for the tailgate) passenger fender front bumper plastic door handle covers for interior I have some parts that I'd be willing to part with myself like a hood, rear diff, about 7 carbs in various states of disrepair ;), a couple of alternators, windshield wiper motors and the linkage, some interior parts like visors and a couple of door handles I believe and other parts as well. I will look through what I have if you have a specific thing you're looking for.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, folks! I did check the filler pipe and wasn't able to see any leaks there, but I might just replace it anyway as the rubber did seem a little weather checked. I honestly don't know if there is a regulator on the fuel line, but I will take some pictures and upload them. Maybe someone here will be able to spot a regulator if there is one. I did my best to trace the fuel lines from the tank, but it's pretty hard to follow them all the way back and I could find any leaks where I was able to trace them. Maybe I just need to start replacing lines I can follow, starting from the engine. The heat thing makes sense to me, as it's only recently been a problem...
  11. I purchased a 1979 Brat with an EA81 conversion back in October '17 and need some help with a gas smell. I mostly detect the smell on the freeway, but also under hard (relative) acceleration. I've gone through the process of tuning the carb as best I can without a functioning tac (would love some help getting that working as well...), but the gas smell persists. I replaced plugs and wires and changed the oil and filter after the carb tuning, thinking that the carb may have been running rich and contaminated the engine oil with gasoline. I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but have very little knowledge of carburetors. Also, trying to wade through the mess of someone else's conversion is getting tiresome. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Unfortunately, it's somewhere between a fun car and daily. My dog has a sensitive stomach and intermittent incontinence in the car, so we bought the BRAT as a dog hauler. I found a fuse box (buried in the parts boxes that came with the car)! Thanks for the advice. I think I'm just going to have to continue patching up "the wiring sins of my forefathers" until I get a chance to start ground up. Summers on it's way so I won't need the heater anyhow... Still turns over every time, so I got that going for me which is nice.
  13. This is an absolute Hail Mary before I tear everything apart, but my ‘79 BRAT with ‘84 GL engine/drive train has a some viscous electrical gremlins. I replaced the Passenger side indicator can in the front and it all fell apart. The guy who did the engine swap installed fusible links instead of a fuse box, and corrosion in the new running light caused the wires to overheat and the fusible link box started melting. Now I can’t turn the heater fan on for more than two minutes, the passenger side headlights had to be unplugged, and the tail lights or side running lights cause a third fusible link to start melting. Any advice? Clearly I need to get a fuse box, but how can I find the short? I have no automotive electrical experience (shocking I’m sure) but I’ve got a multi meter and beginners luck on my side! Any help would be very welcome...