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    First subaru I have owned and love it. Auto to manual swap.
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    2001 impreza outback sport
  1. I have an 01 obs and was wondering if I could use the clutch and brake pedal assembly from a newer 06-07 impreza? The pics look almost identical mounting wise, the wiring doesn't matter as i can sort that out later.
  2. Put it facing down and set it off! saw a bimmer one go about three stories in the air then kind of parachute back to earth. Sounds like a gunshot or loud firework though, so, you know, be careful.
  3. I have an 01 obs that i'm doing a manual swap on, want to go hydro because I have the fork, master and slave, and it's what i prefer. My question is, what year impreza/other model pedals will fit my car? Looking on ebay they look like the mounting holes are almost identical but I want to make sure before I buy anything. Anyone ever put 14+ wrx pedals in an older car with success?
  4. So, I have an 01 impreza obs with an auto that is going out, I also have a 5 sp manual from an 02 forester with rear diff, drive shaft, trans support bracket, pedals, shifter. My only issue is figuring out which cv axles I need to aquire to make this swap happen. Do I just buy manual cv's for my obs or do I need to buy cv's for the forester? I have searched for months trying to find an answer on my own and am no closer to making this happen. thanks.