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  1. GLoryHoles

    79 wagon

    Need some more info on this wagon man! She’s a beaut!
  2. Thanks @subarsaurus! For everything (79 wagon;)). Haven’t had any time to wrench on the 89 just yet. I will get at it after work every day. Still need to test out that ecm, though it got wet because I had it on the floor board and there was a small hole on the floorboards letting water in when you hit puddles. But I noticed it pretty fast and took her home and kept her in some rice... I can’t end up with another non running Subaru so if it gets to the point that I’m tearing into the wiring I’ll just ej swap it with a cheap 2.2. You should do the same with your poor wagons in the back yard!
  3. Hey guys, been having some issues pinpointing why my Fuel injected 1.8 wont start. She was my daily and i parked her after getting home from work and the next mornig i was getting a dry crank. getting fuel getting power to the coil but not out to the distributor. And the air filter is brand new (also cleaned the air sensor). Bought two brand new coils and both had the same issue (power in but no power out even while cranking). Ive heard to check the ECM or the coil. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. pic of my poor baby :/