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    I've just bought my first Subaru (but it's my 31st car). It's a Vortex, otherwise known as an XT in the US I believe. I blog on the website classicandclunker.com
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  1. Yes, they have information and cutaway examples at the front desk, showing how they rebuild the struts. When I dropped off the car, they had 2 old 60s Rover sedans up on the hoists, so I imagine there would be owners of older models that are in the same situation I faced. There are 2 places in my state capital doing this, so there must be the demand here?
  2. Update on the front shocks - after many weeks of trying to source something to fit the original spring seat height, or using the KYB 333234/5 shocks I'd bought and changing springs, a suspension shop pointed me in the direction of a place that reconditions shock absorbers. So I sent the Vortex to WW Shock Absorbers in north Brisbane, where they renewed the front shocks, and the front rack as well (power steering fluid had been leaking into it). The KYB 341214 pair on the back is now fitted too. Next job.. restoring the front seats.
  3. Hi everyone, replacing the front shocks on my Vortex XT has been messing with my head! I ordered what so many internet sites say are replacement KYB shocks for my FWD non-turbo.. which is 333234 and 333235 .. but both new ones are a fraction longer at the bottom (up to the spring seat) than my current shocks (new ones are 28 centimetres or 11 in., current old ones a little over 20 centimetres), even though all the bottom mountings match up. I suspect these new ones put the spring higher for the 4WD version? Some internet sites say KYB used to offer 333228 and 333229 but they're now discontinued. A call to KYB in Aust confirmed this. Has anyone in Australia replaced the front shocks on a "regular" Vortex - and what part did you use? Thanks all.. (The rear ones I'm hoping will be easier - I'm ordering KYB 341214)
  4. Drano

    Adventure Wedge 91' XT6

    Wow, that is a big job - but good to see another one being saved!
  5. Hi everyone.. An update on my Aussie XT (Vortex): it's been registered and on the road for half a year now, after some body work (rust around boot/trunk, respray to bumper).. and bypasses to hidden heater hoses to stop another coolant leak (as suggested by el_Freddo). At one stage It started running a little rough, but I found that whatever the issue was (injectors?) passed after some 'determined' driving to car shows etc. Just using it, basically. After quite a while out of the dashboard, the original radio has been fixed (some dry joints re-soldered I believe).. but the passenger side electric window isn't working. I'll take off the door card again and check out the roller. Plus, some time soon I will replace the front and rear shocks (got to save up for that!). Then it's new velour & padding for the front seats..
  6. Well the Vortex is purring again, after a (stinking hot) day of work by my mechanic at home. I 'supervised'.. The coolant leak was from the throttle body, with one heater pipe split and another crusted and rusted upon removal (see pic). I think that's what you predicted, el_freddo? My mechanic bypassed it - he said it's not cold enough in Qld to worry about it. Then some spark plug jiggering got all 4 cylinders happy (was only running on 2 initially). New fluids and filters, and an engine wash. New bit of pipe to join up the heater core pipes (see 2nd pic). Air conditioning does work a treat - it eventually went from the 'windscreen' down to 'face' fan setting after a bit of pressing the buttons. Just got to fix a muffler hole, and get some new tyres, then I'll try to get it registered!
  7. Thanks for all that info, el_freddo. Monday morning my mechanic is going to check it out, so I'll know more by the arvo. I don't think it's been sitting for much more than 2 months, as it was registered until mid-January and the owners said it had sprung a leak in December. So hopefully that's a plus, over something that's been sitting for years. I've had a closer look at the engine after your advice, and I can see that (I think) the heater core to the dash has been disconnected at some stage - there are two pipes going into the car that are not connected, and two coming out of the engine that are connected with a u-turn short piece of hose. I think you can see it, up the top of the attached photo. The previous owner mentioned that the heater doesn't work - but here in Queensland it's rarely cold enough to need one. The aircon apparently works very well - and that is essential for me! Thanks again for all the help on this site.
  8. Thanks Leeroy, shall do - I already joined The Backyard Boys - AU on Facebook, but will sign up for this one too
  9. Thanks dfoyl, yep I reckon it's been in the garage for much of its life, and that's protected the paint. It's outside now at my place, but I might put a car cover on it - at least to protect against the odd hailstorm. Thanks for the info on alloys and oil pump. I should know more soon re engine. I went and bought 1 original hubcap today, Still looking for 3 more up here, before I look interstate. I think I'll get the hubcaps first, then think about alloys. That's a worry about EA82 parts! Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, as a teen in Australia, I always wanted to own a spacey-looking Subaru Vortex.. or as I now understand, an "XT" in the USA. Now (thanks to a local selling website) I've bought one for just a few hundred dollars, in need of a bit of mechanical work. This '86 front-wheel-drive manual (non-turbo) model has been owned by an older couple for the last 9 years or so, and another older owner before them (who seems to have put a St Christopher medal on the dash). It has high mileage - just over 300,000 kilometres - but over 32 years I suppose that's not so bad. It's quite rare here, as I know it is in America. The most recent owner had it serviced at the local Subaru dealer a couple of years ago, and they'd never seen one in the flesh. The only disappointment is that mine doesn't have the digital dashboard. Last December, the couple backed it out of the garage, and water poured out from under the hood - so they put it back in the garage, and didn't get it fixed (they had another car, and only the wife can now drive). They called a mechanic and described the problem over the phone, and were told it was likely to be the water pump gasket. I've filled up the cooling system and started it, and the water does indeed flow out from near the top of the engine. I'm getting my mechanic to check it out this coming week, as I'm not at all familiar with flat four engines. I've just removed the lambswool seat covers, to reveal another set of seat covers underneath, then a very good condition passenger seat, but a worn driver's seat. I'll see if I can get it re-done in a sympathetic 80s velour. I want to keep it as stock as possible. Hopefully I can give it a workout on the road soon! I'll be looking up your good advice on this site, cheers