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    Born and raised in Hawaii. First project car was a 1986 Subaru Brat and everything ignited from there. Picked up a 1979 a year later and I believe I have the only Brat's in Hawaii.
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    1979 Subaru Brat & 1986 Subaru Brat

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  1. HawaiiBrat

    Subaru brats by state

    Two 79's in Hawaii. I know you're counting BRAT's but I have a 79 FE as well.
  2. Does this pertain to the windshield gasket as well? I have a DL coupe that needs one.
  3. HawaiiBrat

    79 DL idle problem

    Perhaps I will be going the weber route. Thought she was good to go but I guess not. Upon initial start up it will idle (It never did before) It starts off low then shoots up quite high out of no where?
  4. HawaiiBrat

    79 DL idle problem

    I got one with a bunch of parts a while back. I just don’t know if it’s all I need though. Looks to be barely used. There’s a weber, adapter plate and the air filter. Do I need to go and purchase something else? Unfortunately looking it up online the model that I have is an auto choke redline weber.
  5. HawaiiBrat

    79 DL idle problem

    Adjusted the choke and she's running way better now! Appreciate it! Would you still go with the weber conversion anyway? It's legal here.
  6. HawaiiBrat

    79 DL idle problem

    Adjusted the choke and she seems way better now! Appreciate you both!
  7. 1979 Subaru DL - EA71 - Stock Hitachi It does not idle on it's own until it's been warmed up. I can start the car easily but I have to rev it lightly for quite some time until it's able to idle on it's own. When it's finally warmed up I can drive somewhat fine but while coasting at low speeds there is some sort of surge/hesitation. This happens when I let my foot off the gas but only at very low speeds and never happens if my foot is constantly on the gas. Has anyone experienced this or perhaps know what I should look at? Everyone I have spoken to so far has mentioned the carburetor which I have rebuilt already. Perhaps I didn't do a great job at doing so? I appreciate any help provided to me. Thank you
  8. Don't happen to have pictures do you?
  9. Amazon has a few choices to choose from. I’m just wanting to verify it fits on an EA71. It’s verified it fits on an EA81/EA82. I’m not quite sure the fender difference between the two.
  10. Hey everyone, Wondering what the widest tires you could run on an EA71? To be more specific, a 1979 Subaru BRAT on stock 13" inch wheels. I've done some research and see 185/70R13 and 185/80R13 are common choices but very hard to source. Further into my research 205/60R13 pops up as well but whenever it was mentioned it was for an EA81 vehicle. Can anyone verify 205/60R13 fits on their EA71 vehicle? Post pictures of your setup? I'd appreciate it. I am trying to replicate this look but with the stock 13" inch wheels: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/149872-1978-subaru-brat/?tab=comments#comment-1256530 I don't need to replicate it this exactly. What I'm mainly looking for is the look where the tires protrude beyond the fenders a bit. I appreciate your time, Preston
  11. Appreciate the feedback!
  12. Hey viewers, Just wanting to know what upgrades you have done to your headlights? I have a 79 Brat and I'm looking to upgrade the round headlights that I have. They're way too dim at night and they're probably a hazard to me and for those around me as well. If you chime in let me know what you have done! Feel free to link your upgrades as well. Thanks for the help!
  13. Lol. I’ve got another pair or two laying around. Yeah, the rear slide windows are strange. Not sure how I feel about them either.
  14. Hey Paul! Looked at the link and I think I may have identified my wheel in the ‘Aftermarket 13” inch wheel’ category. It doesn’t really have a name but it’s listed as ‘8 Spoke D Hole Chrome 13’ What do you think? I’ve got a few pics on my phone right now that I attached. I’ll take close ups and better ones later tomorrow.