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  1. I'm going to go with the latter. Thank you fella!
  2. This seems to have worked. However i'm curious to how it could have got into this situation after it was only standing (unstarted) for a month.
  3. There are no codes present. I'll give that a nudge and see if it works.
  4. Or...maybe there isn't one on this model? Either way I'm having trouble with my idle. It will stall if I put the car into neutral while driving/coming to a stop, and it idles far too low.
  5. I'm a little confused as to the location of the Idle speed control valve on my Impreza 2.5i 2007. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  6. Problem solved: It's a vacuum leak. Many thanks.
  7. here are some results from the ELM327 test i just ran: www.weageomaha.com/1.jpg www.weageomaha.com/2.jpg www.weageomaha.com/3.jpg www.weageomaha.com/4.jpg www.weageomaha.com/5.jpg www.weageomaha.com/6.jpg www.weageomaha.com/7.jpg If any of you guys could shed some light, that would be ace! Thanks!
  8. Im just waiting for an ELM327 BT to be delivered, then i can post the results to see if any of you guys can shed some light on the situation. Im reluctant to think its the cables as I swapped the old ones out with new plugs to try to remedy the issue which was there before - and there was no change.
  9. Duralast Gold wireset is in place....I also ordered an ELM327 BT to see whats going on. I'll post the results in good time
  10. Is there a device similar for Apple products, or are these limited to android?
  11. 2007 2.5i 150,000 Head gaskets replaced 2,000 miles ago
  12. My initial thought at the moment is the injector - hence swapping them over. I guess as a driveway mechanic its a little frustrating to waiting for the CEL to come on to confirm if that is indeed the issue. Although my motor would probably love a new set of Injectors, it's not getting them unless thats the issue!
  13. All the wires appear to be in good shape - nothing exposed etc. Both o2 sensors have recently been changed for OEM replacements. Also this is the only code thats being thrown (0301) so I would probably shy away from it being the crackcase sensor due to it being specific and no code 0335, or maybe im wrong. Also yes, the code has come up since replacing the coil pack.