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    I don't have a Subaru but I would love to own a Brat. I've resorted to drawing the cars I love since I'm learning I'll never own everything. I was hoping to share some of that artwork but also use the forum for inspiration.
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    Subaru Brat Art Paining

    I'm throwing this out here. I sadly don't own a Subaru (other than a Hot Wheels Brat). I've always loved cars but I'm coming to the conclusion I simple can not have all the cars I've ever drooled over. I mean, I'd love my own Brat, SVX, XT, or (ahem) Crosstrek but finances only allow so many things. I've taken to drawing and painting some of the vehicles. An 8" x 10" is a lot easier to store. This includes a Brat completed in the last couple months. If it's something you'd be interested in, check it out on my Etsy shop. It's listed for $50. I don't currently have prints on hand but that would be a lower priced option if I know it's something people would like. https://www.etsy.com/listing/577851422/subaru-brat-subaru-brat-original If you're interested, let me know! Thanks!