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  1. tylertrend

    I'm At A Dead End

    That is just a shroud around the manifold that is used to supply heated air to the air filter box when its cold. There should be a dryer vent looking pipe that runs from that shroud to the round port underneath the air box
  2. I can only comment for the Outback as I owned a 2005 OBXT 5spd until recently. I thought it was comfy and all but I bought mine 4 years ago and the engine blew days later. Rebuilt it to stock over many months, and it was ok after that. Dealt with axles, bearings, suspension, alignment, tires that wore out fast, scary handling on ice etc. Eventually I just couldn't justify paying for it anymore (plus the oil leaks had me PO'd) Interior looked nice but wish they had kept it more durable in some areas. On the plus side, the HVAC always worked fine..
  3. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    New update, I just got done moving to a new place across town and I brought the car over to her new home last night. First time I have driven the car ever outside of the driveway. The ride was less than comfortable on my back because I still don't have my seats done, so a stack of old sheets had to suffice. I was very impressed with the ride, the shifting, and the power (props to me for knowing carburetors well and timing engines by feel ). The tires look like they were made in the last millenia and are not perfectly round but that's little stuff, and I'm hoping they get better with use. And the tires are supported by freshly painted wheels, complete with OE trim rings and center caps. They turned out great for a weekend job, I used my auto guns with a Nason primer and base/clear system. As soon as the seats are done along with some other interior tid bits, she'll be cruisin' around town regularly. Other recent work has included fitting the rear window trim, exterior trim, full brake job, axle, a replacement front hub and the like. More to come, Stay tuned
  4. @sparkyboy I'll probably pass this time, only cause I'm very partial to the 4 spoke. Thanks for taking the time to check.
  5. If it still is I'd be floored to get ahold of it. My original one is blue also.
  6. @sparkyboy Does it still have the steering wheel and back cover? Would be interested if it does and if it's a 4 spoke.
  7. Jumping in here quick, where can we order those o-rings from and are they found specific to the vehicle, or compressor?
  8. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    I had tried doing that on the windshield and just couldn't get it to work. Much agreed that it would make it much easier.
  9. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    The new fuel tank is reinstalled and the engine runs off of it just fine. I bought a sandblaster attachment for the pressure washer and got the wheels all cleaned up and ready to be painted. Reassembly of the interior trudges along slowly but surely. I also got the stainless trim installed around the rear window which was far from enjoyable, as well as some rear brake work and other odds and ends.
  10. tylertrend

    Trouble Starting 83 Brat GL

    If you have A/C it should have two fans, without A/C just one. Could be a failed T-stat. Otherwise I would suspect the temp switch in the radiator (passenger side, should be single wire).
  11. tylertrend

    1986 Subaru Wagon

    I agree fully. The EA Soobs were built for this kind of use and I don't think huge tires and a lift is going to get you out of any places you otherwise couldn't given your intended use case. Plus I prefer the stock look of the EA's anyhow. As to the dying of the EA platform, it has sometimes been difficult (very), to find certain parts for my 82 HT resto but I have yet to need something I outright couldn't find. Some parts I have even found new, if not OEM. My list includes glass, fuel tank, axles, engine parts/ gaskets, interior bits, cassette player .... and so on. Not for the faint of heart but still doable; for now.
  12. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Thats what I was thinking but I have sourced a 2wd tank so all is well
  13. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Took the fuel sender out of the tank last night and the whole tank is rusted to holy hell but baffles still look mostly there. Had the tank half full and the pump couldnt pull anything out. I might be able to take it out, cut it open and clean it up but I have no equipment to weld it back together so I would have to pay for that service. Replacement units are hard to come by but I'm searching. Given that it is a 2wd HT, will getting a tank from a 4wd reduce the fuel capacity? Havent found a clear answer yet on that.
  14. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Yes, very pleased with the carpet. The story on the windshield is such: I broke the original taking it out being stupid. Sourced a NOS replacement and new rubber seals which was an experience in itself. When I was putting in my new windshield I cracked the upper right corner. Thinking it would shatter if I kept messing with it, I left the project alone for a while until a family member came to visit for Thanksgiving and I had them bring yet another windshield down with them. Ended up being for a completely different vehicle make. Hilarious. So we ended up putting my cracked NOS windshield in and it cracked more going in but didnt shatter so it'll be like that for a while until I come across another good one. And thats the story. Oh, and we put the rear window in in under 20 minutes with no issues. It's a much easier install. Go figure.
  15. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Wow, time really flies when you're having fun . Since last update this project has been so trying at times that I was ready to light a napalm fire under it and laugh while it burned, but luckily mind prevailed over matter. The engine is now tuned and running quite well, although loud due to the missing muffler. All the glass is reinstalled (Holy .... what a cluster that was). Most of the interior is reinstalled less the seats which need serious surgery. I am very impressed with how well I was able to clean/ revitalize much of the interior; the carpet is a standout example. I wasted half of my day today finding a short in the horn/ chime circuit. Turns out way back when I was prepping the dash I plugged the harness side of the key switch for the chime into probably a lighting circuit or something. Doh, I guess we all make mistakes, and now my chime works again! I also got around to testing the A/C. It works when jumping the pressure sensor so it just needs recharged. Its an original R-12 system, great! Progress has been slow the last few months but things are falling into place now and updates should be more frequent. I admit I may have gotten slightly sidetracked when I bought an old Mercedes diesel in August . Video of the engine running and accompanying racket of noise coming up soon.