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  1. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Update: the engine is installed and has been run momentarily. It works, pumps oil and actually sounds pretty good - Success! Work will now be shifting to the body and interior which is being held up while I wait for parts to figure out this heater core debacle. As requested, attached are some pics of the car currently.
  2. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    I will tomorrow, although its pretty torn apart so it won't be looking too hot. I actually ran the engine today for first time and she goes pretty good but theres no fuel or water system yet so I won't run it again until the vehicle is all back together.
  3. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Also a picture of the cleaned up valve train. The springs were very healthy under a light surface rust so I just cleaned them and put them back in, after grinding the valves.
  4. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Todays work involved getting the heads on, adjusting valves, bolt on oil pan, reseal oil pump and install and wash the whole engine. I am very pleased with how clean it came out. I guess all of that crud on there did a good job of keeping the aluminum clean! All I need to do is install clutch and WP and the engine will be going back in, hopefully on Friday.
  5. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Hello all, I am finally back home after some time away and back to working on projects. I finally have all of my spare ea81 parts at my house and some of them are going to come in very handy. The last couple of days have mostly consisted of preparing my replacement dash, going over wiring, changing light bulbs, etc. Work on the engine has involved cleaning the heads and getting them ready for reassembly, resealing the oil pump, changing WP and cleaning the oil pan. I was lucky, on the oil pump I just took the 4 bolts out and lightly tapped the oil filter twice and it fell right out. It looks pretty healthy inside. The same cannot be said for the oil pan. When I removed it there was nearly an inch of thick, coolanty sludge on the bottom. The bores, inside of the block, lifters and everything else look really good, but this certainly reinforces my thinking of a significant coolant breach in the past. Regarding the oil pickup, I was hoping some of you could offer some input. I loosened the holder and tried for a few minutes to remove it but it won't budge. The gasket is cracking away and looks unhealthy but if the tube is pressed into the block that well, is there really any worry about it leaking? Or do I need to find a way to remove it and reseal? The last thing I was working on was cleaning out the hvac box/ heater core. Found a blown HC and leaky coolant control valve that I am trying to deal with. That post is linked below. Any input on that is also appreciated. Until next time..
  6. I am finally tracking down some leaks in my hvac system on the 1982 GLF and found basically two things. 1) The heater core is trashed and luckily I was able to find one, though at a cost, at least that's taken care of. 2) The worse problem. The coolant control valve (petcock) was covered in corrosion and still leaks even after cleaning it up and putting it back together. It appears to be leaking from the gasket that surrounds the little shaft and the rubber feels pretty hard. Im not in to spending buku bucks on a whole new assembly if that's even possible to buy, does anyone know if just the seals can be obtained? And how much sealing work that little gasket around the shaft actually has to do? I'm looking at my FSM here and wondering if I can just plumb the HC straight in without that pipe assembly since air won't be flowing over the HC on cold setting. Or maybe just a 1/4 turn valve down by the right foot. Where I live, the heat setting is only used a few times a year anyway. Thanks all for any thoughts.
  7. Looks pretty clean! You and I might be about the only ones with old FWD Subies
  8. Got an alert the other day that the WCR-417 windshield gaskets are back in stock, unknown quantity. The part number is aftermarket but they fit the ea81 series sedans and wagons, (and I think maybe brats too). Pricing is about $60
  9. Nobody else thinks 122,000 Km's or 75,000 miles is a bit early for a T-belt? Especially if there's the expense of going to a shop? I would probably wait a couple years on that.
  10. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    At current exchange rates it was $188 to the door.
  11. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Alright, here's a couple days of updates at once. 1) I got the carburetor cleaned up and torn apart, cleaned the innards and reassembled with new gaskets. It didn't look nearly as bad inside as I thought it might which was great. I'm almost positive I am going to have to play with the float adjustment when things get put back together but I did not have any leftover parts when I was done so thats a good start in my book! 2) I worked on cleaning up the chrome wheel rings which were pretty rusted and nasty but a few hours and a bottle of chrome polish has them looking almost new. Very impressed with the durability and look of them. Also shined up the center caps. 3) I received my Front and Rear windshield gaskets from Phils Rotary/ New Old Car Company. They are the correct part and appear to fit well. Not much I can do with them right now but I'm very excited for that search to be over. For reference, the factory part numbers are: Front 765061030 Rear 765061040
  12. tylertrend

    EA81 engine year?

    The 06/81 brat I saw at the junkyard today had an EA81, and I have every reason to believe it's the original motor. Double groove crank pulley but no A/C installed. The serial is 281918
  13. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Today turned out to be a great day for the project. I drove down to a junkyard thats the size of a small town in Roosevelt, OK. Called Parts World. They are very helpful and have so much inventory I almost passed out. I went down there to snag a NOS Windshield for the coupe and also a good used rear windscreen. For a bit over $100, I'm pretty happy. My windshield cracked badly when I took it out and I haven't done the rear yet so I wanted to have a backup plan. Then as I was walking through the yard, there I could see it, recognizable from a mile away, a first gen brat. This was the first time I'd stood next to one in person, and even though they are quite small, I now know why myself and many others are so fascinated with them. Aside from rotted floorpans, this 1981 GL built in 06/81 with only 112k is almost fully complete and has a ea81 with 4spd d/r. After mucking about a bit and snapping some photos, I saw that it had a hitachi carb on it w/ manual choke. Not wanting to deal with the C-W that I have now, I got out the 4-6 basic tools I always carry in my trunk and removed the whole manifold and carburetor right there. Score! I really am still getting used to this whole some cars aren't fully rotted to high heaven after 8 years thing (I grew up in Maine), it makes these operations so easy! I have attached a few pics for your enjoyment.
  14. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    Got a few small things done today. Removed the flywheel and clutch, no pictures but it was roasted, explains the immense slop in the clutch pedal and a fully tightened down cable. I removed and wiped down all of the pushrods. All 4 on the left are fine, all 4 on the right are bent, some a little, a couple a lot. Explains the symptoms the PO described to the T. Guessing by the look of the sparkplugs and the crystals on the valve heads, I'm wondering if it had a HG or other leak and had an episode of hydrolocking. Oh well, I'll get it fixed right. I'm going to attempt to straighten the pushrods and resuse them. Picture: Right side vs Left side rods.
  15. tylertrend

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    The shortblock looks pretty decent so I'd like to rebuild it if at all possible. Good call on the springs. Also discovered that at least several of my push rods are bent, but need to look at that more tonight. I wonder if they will tolerate being straightened and reused? Hmm, time for more internet time.