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  1. It could well be from the PO. I find out something new every day it seems!
  2. I just went on a test drive and it consistently runs hot under high rpm/load. On the highway, turning the heat on full brought it down to about 210F steady vs high 220's so I just ordered a new rad and will do a complete flush of everything this weekend and report back. I checked the TB tension also and it's good and tight, just for semantics.
  3. I have never added coolant conditioner, but I can't speak to what the PO may have done. I can't say I saw any evidence of the stuff when I did the HGs.
  4. Original HG failure was just oil leaks, Didn't run hot for me or the PO to my knowledge. I had the overflow out a few weeks ago and gave it a good scrubbing. It's this metallic flake stuff that's weird to me. I've been reading about issues with heater core blockages causing issues but this car has always, and does today, have great heat. No exceptions. The hot running didn't really start until I moved from ME to OK so maybe it just needs a good flushing and a new rad.
  5. Interesting observation as I was out doing another bleeding of the system. There are a lot of small chunks that look like graphite and are very soft. I was able to get a couple large ones and smear them on the funnel and they are full of a brass looking flake, I can see it pooling on the bottom of the filler neck too. Maybe old deposits from a HG problem years back? I never did a complete "flush" of the system when I did them. Maybe the rad is plugged up with this stuff. Curious about where all that metallic flake is coming from.
  6. Well since my overheating only happens under highway load, in the heat of the day, no oil/coolant mixing, no white smoke, and perhaps a small amount of arrogance that I did the HG job properly so they shouldn't be a problem points me towards the radiator. It's 16 years old/ 188K and the original unit. The one on my '99 OB literally cracked apart when I was out of state traveling when it was 18 years old so maybe it's just time.
  7. I am wondering if it would be a good test to remove the Thermostat and see if that fixes things. Would indicate if combustion gasses are getting in and messing with the T-stat or if the rad can't dissipate the heat anymore. I may try that tomorrow while I'm fixing the coolant leak that my GLF sprung right when I got home tonight (cut in heater core hose over a worm clamp).
  8. I did my HGs myself about 20k mi ago and haven't had any issues until recently. I have done EA81, EJ255, EJ25D HGs before and didn't have any problems with them. I however used the Fel-Pro gaskets on this car. Hopefully that won't come back to bite me??
  9. Hey I noticed in a post you said you replaced a wheel hub on your 82. I have an 84 gl wagon and my wheel hub splines are stripped on the drivers side. I can’t find a wheel hub for the life of me. Where did you have luck finding one ? 

    1. tylertrend


      Mine was stripped on the drivers side also. I wonder why (and how) they do that. I got one from C&H auto in TN, but it cost me $70 and thats the going average with shipping so be prepared. I find stuff like this on Car-part.com. Very useful site.

    2. Cummins_24v


      Awesome I’ll google them Monday and give them a call. I live in Oregon and Subaru parts out here are hard to come by out here for the older gens cause very body hoards them.

  10. @mikestrick1 I am having very similar symptoms, new OEM Tstat, radiator looks fine, only hot after a highway trip. My HGs were done 20k mi ago and I do notice some slight coolant loss but no white smoke or any oil contamination. No wetness on the bottom of the heads either. I am trying to sell mine and pretty much refuse to deal with the HGs again. I'm sticking with EA engines from here forward!
  11. My 2004 Legacy has been doing this lately and I would also like to know why. My ECU reports 220-maybe 230 max.New TS, coolant for me too. Rad is original.
  12. Thanks everyone for the input, I have many things to go play with now and see what outcome I get.
  13. I think the axles are "good" for the purposes of this problem. Factory wheels but the hub could be an interesting diagnosis. I had to replace one already due to worn out splines but it could be out of true, I'll check. Alignment is pretty good, no super uneven toe that I believe would cause this.
  14. Yep, steering wheel. A good half inch total back and forth at its worst. Have no reason to think wheels and with brand new weights.. well I guess you never really know. That Uni joint on mine is solid.
  15. My '82 GLF coupe has a wheel shake at highway speeds that persists even after new tires, brakes, brake rotors, repacked bearings, tight suspension, rack, tie rods and new front axles. I noticed the output shafts on the trans (5MT) are pretty sloppy and have a lot of movement. The axles also make sounds like they're worn out when slow speed cornering even though they are new. Anybody dealt with this, and is it possible the loose trans output shafts can cause a bad wheel shake at high speeds? If that is it there is probably not much I can or will do to mend it.