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  1. Thanks, Gloyale. So, reset the belt and timing to correct positions (using the belt I have) and then do a compression test? Sorry for being "green" at all of this. But, I have the time to figure this all out. If I do this, and compression is shot, I'll likely have a new/refurb engine put in. If compression is good, put in a new timing belt and water pump, rollers and be good to go? Thanks for your input.
  2. Cool. I'll start with compression testing. Why are these spark plugs so darn inaccessible? Oh well. I'll get at them. Thanks.
  3. So, I was only able to take off the two side timing covers (until I can get a 22 or 23 mm socket to get to the middle timing cover), but the belt appears to be intact. It appears as though it may just be severely out of sync. Could I have gotten lucky, and not bent any valves?
  4. Thanks. I'll take a look. If obviously a broken belt, how likely is it that the valves bent?
  5. Howdy, All. I'm hoping to get some guidance/advice on where to go next. I've got a 99 Legacy Outback (30th Anniversary edition) that just flat out died while driving on the interstate. No previous problems or symptoms. Car turns over, just never starts. Note: The check engine light is not on. I've run the diagnostics, and gotten no codes. Here's what I've done: * I believe it's not getting spark (by spraying starting fluid and still nothing, also I can hear the fuel pump switch on and I pulled the fuel line and am getting output). * I put on a new coil pack - no change to the symptoms or status. * I took my ignitor and put it into another car. Other car performed fine. * I took out the crank sensor and the cam sensor to test them. They appear to be functioning fine. * I took out the ECU and put in one that I know to be fine - no change to the symptoms or status. *** Note: I found it weird that the car had the same symptoms regardless of whether an ECU was hooked up or not. Now, where do I go from here? Timing? Also, please know that about every fifty attempts at trying to start it, it sounds like it gets close to catching at the initial key-turn, but then nothing. Please help.