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  1. 88SubGL

    Air bubbles in radiator

    What did you do to fix the stripped head bolt threads? How did they strip?
  2. KA in that Subaru is not a good idea. Sit to far forward of the front axle. If you start cutting into the body, it will ruin the structural integrity of that unibody car. I’m a Nissan guy myself and the KA is a good engine, just not in this application.
  3. Use only Subaru factory o-rings. Go to parts.subaru.com to order them and then pick them up at your local dealership. They’re $2.75 each.
  4. 88SubGL

    Fuel tank clogged

    I had to use pliers to force the wire through.
  5. 88SubGL

    Fuel tank clogged

    When you tried the wire trick, could you blow through the line. Mine had a lot of gunk in it. I would think I was all the way through and I wasn’t. I couldn’t blow through it. If you could, then either you still have a lot of trash in the tank or the problem is somewhere else. Make the lines are clear from the carb to the tank before going through the trouble of pulling the tank again.
  6. 88SubGL

    Fuel tank clogged

    I had this problem on a 1970 Datsun truck, it had been sitting a while. I pulled the tank and used a coat hanger. Kept jamming it through where the fuel line attaches, until it reached the bottom of the tank. No way air would have cleared it. Make sure your lines to the tank are clear.
  7. 88SubGL

    EA82 HVAC Question

    So I don’t have the part of the fsm that shows the dash wiring, does anyone have a scan from the fsm or know where I can find one? I would really like to see how the hvac is wired. Thanks
  8. 88SubGL

    EA82 HVAC Question

    Thanks. At least I have a direction to go. I’ll check out the fsm.
  9. 88SubGL

    EA82 HVAC Question

    Thanks for the reply. So was the “genius” the previous owner or the factory? If the factory, was the wiring at the switch or under the hood? I’m guessing at the switch. My compressor was running the entire time the heat was on.
  10. I have a 1988 GL 4WD d/r wagon that I bought back in May. The clutch was bad, so I pulled the engine to replace it and resealed the engine from the head gaskets up. Also replaced all 7 coolant hoses. Thanks for the various tips found here to accomplish this. Now the question: I’ve just started driving it and found that no matter which hvac button I push, the a/c compressor engages. Is this normal? I know on most cars, when you turn on the defrost it comes on but not in the other positions, except for the a/c of coarse. Thanks for any insight on this.