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  1. Nice looking DL! Especially with 250k on it.
  2. Just my opinion, but the first thing I would do is replace the fuel filter. I assume it has the external, under hood filter. According to what you wrote, it hasn’t been replaced in 200,000 miles, not even when the fuel injection service was done? It may not help your problem but it won’t hurt it.
  3. Any possibility of having a new core put in the original radiator? I’m sure it would last much longer than most any aftermarket radiator.
  4. I think Subaru gave you the wrong part. It should be a direct replacement, that’s why they ask for the vin.
  5. Unless oil is running out the timing cover about as fast as you pour it in, run it till it dies. As big and heavy and as many bolts as that cover has, I wouldn’t mess with it.
  6. I’m guessing that Subru’s don’t use brass synchro’s in there transmission’s, otherwise GL5 mt oil wouldn’t be recommended, would it? I know that for my Nissan truck transmission’s, it’s only GL4, because it does have brass synchro’s. What I use is Valvoline Syncromesh Manual Transmission Fluid. Works great, smooth shifting summer or winter, even in single digit temperatures.
  7. Does that car have the cvt transmission, if so, could it have hurt the transmission when it cut off on the interstate?
  8. I found that had happened on a Nissan engine I was rebuilding and I was able to get one from the dealer. I don’t know if Subaru is the same but the whole piece is replaceable on the Nissan, the ball and spring is all in a cylinder that comes out. If it is, I think it could have been used in the EJ’s as well.
  9. WOW! I think the next time it’s fixed, I would drive it straight to another dealer and trade it. To many problems with this car. I don’t mean to be negative, but wow!
  10. You could take it to a radiator shop and see if they can clean it for you.
  11. I think in 1985 it only came with either a push button 4wd or a dual range 4wd, both of which are not full time, so no fuse to pull. Post a picture of your shifter to now which setup you have.
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