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  1. Falconman

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    Figured ill try to keep the thread alive a tad...gotten 1k on the odometer (1150 true miles) since my lift/tire swap.finally swapped back to stock tires, and my measurements saw the 05 struts lifted my 98 obs 1.25" in the front and 2.25" in the rear...seems odd that its different but i measured lots of places and it all comes out the same, 2" in the rear and 1" in the front. Going to the pick n pull tomorrow to get forester springs, hopefully will give me another inch(thats what she said), i think that will be fine for the rear cvs(3" total)and front(2" total). Will update when done Also, side note, changing to 3" taller tires on 33psi only lifts it up .5"?
  2. Falconman

    Lifted Subaru Roll Call 2018

    1998 obs, just cut the bumper today, and the lift is relatively new, but definitely helps with the sand/gravel beaches that i used to get *almost* stuck in 05 forester KYB struts stock 15s with 215/75r15 open country at2 2.2/4eat cut bumpers, full legnth header and thule are the only mods, planning onboard air with trainhorn, some perimeter lights, roof platform with canopy, and probably some strut top spacers or springs to get a tad more lift. on a similar note, can anyone explain this? started at 7.3" to the rear diff. lifted it and was at 9.3. put 2.8" taller tires on it and drove it 2 days, and its at 10.1. shouldnt the 2.8" taller tires add 1.4" of additional lift?
  3. Falconman

    Automatic with bigger tires?

    SO, I see threads everywhere with people running 28"+ tires with their cars, but not a lot of them(if any) are auto...I'm working with a 98 obs 4eat, and looking to put 28"(215/75r15) or the wider 29(235)" tires on it. I've been looking at some open country AT/destination AT options, but if having the 3.5" larger tires is going to destroy the transmission, I'd rather get some more aggressive MTs(hankook dynapro mt) and only put them on when I go offroad, as I rack up 60+ miles of highway travel a day and am offroad only 3-4 weekends a month. Switching them out wouldn't be a huge/time consuming issue as cordless impact is bae, but if the 215s wont hurt the transmission any less, I wouldn't mind leaving them on full time. Car does have a aftermarket trans cooler, and the trans is a 140k takeoff trans that was just put in 10k ago. I'm also not a very aggressive/fast driver so the acceleration isn't a concern for me.
  4. Falconman

    Automatic transmission for offload, locking center diff, let's talk

    thread revive, are there any more downsides or gotchas with the 4eat offroad? I go offroad in my 98 obs quite often(mostly gravel and sand) and aside from terrible traction and clearance from the stock suspension and tires, I haven't noticed a big issue. Probably going to put in another cooler now(and lift items/big tires are on the way), but is there anything aside from that I should worry about?
  5. Falconman

    Adventure Subaru - Lifted 1997 Impreza Outback (Lots of pics)

    Thread revive! can we get an update on adventure Subaru 1?
  6. Falconman

    The Unofficial "How to Lift your Impreza" Thread

    2 questions for those that have done the lift...looking at lifting my daily, 98 obs. Have 05 forester struts on the way(kyb) ,trailing arm brackets here with 05 forester springs(have the auto-adjust suspension springs, thats all the junkyard had and im *hoping* it will be better since i haul a lot/offroad a lot ,so we'll see how they work). I'm assuming somewhere between 2 and 4" of lift from this...and im looking at 27 or 28" tires(has 24.5 stock), does anyone know if that will be an issue with the automatic trans(4eat)? Or if the 05 strut/spring lift will be fine for a DD? i hear some people say its a 4" total lift, and others say 2-2.5, so im not sure what i will be looking at exactly. Thanks in advance!