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    SVX Manual Swap Question

    I have a JDM SVX I imported from Japan that came with a dead transmission. So I am wanting to do perform a manual swap on it. Mostly because I don't have room between the engine harness and brake booster, and in the name of keeping everything as simple as possible I am wanting to go with a cable clutch setup. My question is since I am looking for a parts car so I can have all the parts I need in one place, and I am wanting to know which model Subaru's came with a cable clutch so I can narrow down my search to the cars I actually need.
  2. IЯBaboon

    SVX Manual Swap Question

    Nice, thanks for the info! Sorry for the late reply work has been crazy the past couple weeks.
  3. I purchased a 1992 SVX from auction in Japan, and upon arrival a few days ago the transmission was DOA, does anyone know if the American transmission will bolt in with no issues, or do I have to try and source a JDM transmission?