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  1. Liftedimpreza

    1988 subaru GL parts for sale

    HVAC climate control, dome plastic and parking light pigtails with sockets if not busted?
  2. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that they used for a GL? I want to use a 5 pin rocker switch.
  3. Liftedimpreza

    Ej22 swap alternator wiring

    I ran little wire to little wire and big wire to big wire and its charging like it supposed to now
  4. Liftedimpreza

    Ej22 swap high idle

    I had no trans pin because mine was automatic. I then grounded that pin and adjusted my tps sensor and iac sensor and now she purrs at about 750 rpm.
  5. It comes time to wire to this alternator wiring. I have a 97 impreza 2.2 with a 2 pin connector large white wire and a skinny black/white wire. The ea wiring has a large wire wire which I know is 12v and two other wires bigger black/white wire and a skinny white/red wire.
  6. Liftedimpreza

    Ej22 swap high idle

    I figured it out but thank you
  7. I think this as to do with my at/mt identification pin not being grounded. My ecu is from a 97 impreza auto. Does anyone know what pin or what wire color it is?
  8. Liftedimpreza

    Ea to ej wiring harness question

    I have a 99 I can steal the wiring from you think it would be the same as the 97?
  9. I have the harness from the donor but I forgot to get the fuel pump and main ignition relays and also the alternator wires. Can I source them from another vehicle to make it work?