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  1. Hi all well to update my previous post-today I finnaly got some time to "really look this legacy over-an investgate a few things-since i jus got this car...engines a 2.5 i stock-car has had ALOT of the important things done allready -head gaskets were done last aug.-new cats...[both]-gotta great deal on this cos i went in knowing its probably gonna need a tranny-so since i was running it today-[an cleanin it up-lol]-the car has gears when cold-it will run&move on its own power...but..... all the while-[from startup-and beyond]-thers a noise coming from the area of the frnt dif/tourqe converter section-its a "low sort of "gurgle/whine....almost like a power steerin pump kinda racket-i actully took a close listen to the ps pump...nada....its def comin from under the car-about 20/25 minutes of idlein th motor....dropped her into drive-trans engauged...but MAJOR slippage...had to bring it up a few hundred rpm from idle to get it back to where i parked it-trans fluid is pretty dark [black cherry/brownish]-an has a slightly burned smell-now Im assumeing this tranny is "baked"-car has 170,000 on the clock-and overall in very nice condition... my plan is to get a good used trans an get this baby rolling again-couple things Id like to ask....is how do i determine [and if i find a matching # tranny should i ?] the gear ratio? the trans is a 4EAT and the car has "sport shift'-the transmission tag number i found on top of the bell housing is as follows..... TZ1B7LCAAA-2D........And just so everybody knows Iam a 35 year mechanic cars/trucks/rec vehicles-ect an I have to admit....iam tempted to just do a teardwn on this thing-an re-build it.... but i figuer if buy another tranny-i can get it done a little faster-id install it myself-this my 3thrd subaru- I started w/a 1990 legacy-put 1 engine in it before superstorm sandy killed it on me-then i gotta 97 impreza L 4dr-[right now thts my reg car]-now ive just got this legacy-an "I WANNA DRIVE IT-LOL" so any advice will be a help-thanx Bobby : )
  2. Hi All am new on here-Well just picked up a 2005 legacy today-bought it w/transmission probs-cars in nice shape overall-but the previous owner thinks the trans is toasted-now I got in it today-cranked it up-and when i dropped it in drive-I can feel a 'good strong pull.... not like somthing w/a baked tranny-when i put it in reverse-same thing-the last owner told me what happens is once you go out on the road with it-it dont take long-the trans "fades away'-to the point where no gear you shift into will do anything-[car dont move]-I couldnt take it out to try it-[no plates-he had allredy taken it off his ins-an off the road]-also after it get up to temp....Theres a "low picthed' whine coming from the torque converter area-it was getting louder as the car ran idleing for a while-Am wondering if the trans mabbe should come out-an apart 'for an "exploratory'-or I should just look for a good used unit-the number on the bell house is :TZ1B7LCAAA2D-Also how can i find out the final drive ratio for another-so i can chec w/whom -[or whereever] i buy 1..... any info would be helpful-thanx-bobby