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  1. I was able to drive it out with a 3/16 punch and a 3 pound hammer. Thanks guys
  2. A 5 speed manual 92 Loyale. I'm not sure how I would go about doing that
  3. I've been trying using various screw drivers but it won't budge at all. I'm gonna buy a 3/16 punch and maybe that will help?
  4. The punch I bought to change my CV Axles ended up going all the way through and snapping. The Company23 one desgined for Subaru.....does any one have any tips for getting this thing out? It's stuck really good and I can't drive to a mechanic because I accidentally used the the wrong Axle and now I need it off...
  5. Is the EA82 supposed to have a heat shield to protect the front passenger CV boot from heat from the exhaust? CV boots keep ripping...
  6. Thanks for the info. I don't mind the 4x140 wheels they just look really small after lifting and there's not alot of tires avalible. Would there be any real reason to keep them? Knowing this I'll probably stay away from the adapters. The hub redrilling is a little more involved than I would like so I think I'll try to re drill the 6 lug rims. And tips on what shape/type of rim is best for this?
  7. I haven't heard of anyone using these adapters, would they be safe to use on a 1992 Loyale with a 2' lift? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-USA-4x140-To-4x100-Wheel-Adapters-1-25mm-Thick-12x1-25-Fits-Subaru-Suzuki-/253945420065
  8. 4WD 5 speed manual. When the car is on the ground the whole CV Axle spins, the nut does not spin. When the car is in the air nothing spins at all. I just had the wheel bearing replaced and the CV has been torn open for awhile so I'm gonna start with replacing that. If it helps this happened after getting stuck in a mud pit and had to be pulled out. I parked the car and when I tried to drive again it did this.
  9. My 92' Loyale makes a terrible grinding sound when I put it in first gear and try to acclerate, same with reverse. The car won't move at all and the passenger front CV axle is moving when I'm parked in neutral. Should I replace the whole Axl or is this a hub/ wear bearing? (Brand new bearing) thanks for the help!
  10. Nowah9

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    Oh I definitely agree. I've got a 85' Turbo GL-10, stock and only has 112k miles. It's too nice to modify so that's why I mess around with the Loyale.
  11. Nowah9

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    The huge stock bumpers are ugly, I'm planning on getting some SJR bumpers eventually so I just wanted to experiment and tinker around with the car.
  12. I took the rear bumper off of my 92' Loyale and then removed the plastic covering. After cleaning it up and spraying painting it black I think it will make a pretty good steel bumper!
  13. Where are you located in SW Washington? I have a 91 loyale im parting out with gray seats