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  1. Nowah9

    87 coupe and 85 wagon

    I'm running the SJR 5x100 wheel adapters. They have been working great
  2. I got in touch with ADF and they said the diameter of the axle is too large so I guess I'll be swapping it out for a 4th time. Practice makes perfect I guess!
  3. I bought the stuff to do this with the lift kit I'm just not sure if I'm mechanically inclined enough to do it.
  4. I would go OEM if I could fine one. It only started happening after getting stuck and pulled out of a mud pit so I think something got damaged.
  5. It was supposed to be a "heavy duty Axle". I know I was gonna go through axles quicker but it's only lasting 2 days. And It didn't happen when I first installed the lift so something's gotta be wrong
  6. That bare metal part on the axle is the part thats rubbing. It was installed 2 days ago and the boots already torn....:/
  7. It's the 2" ADF lift. I have not lowered the crossmembers. My struts are also starting to get worn if that would affect it.
  8. Hm I'm not sure honestly. On flat ground it does seem like the Passenger front side is angled more like someone is sitting in it.
  9. My 92 Loyale with a 2" lift has the front passenger CV axle rubbing on the frame and the boots keep tearing. What should I check out first? Already gone through 3 Axles in 3 months...
  10. I was able to drive it out with a 3/16 punch and a 3 pound hammer. Thanks guys
  11. A 5 speed manual 92 Loyale. I'm not sure how I would go about doing that
  12. I've been trying using various screw drivers but it won't budge at all. I'm gonna buy a 3/16 punch and maybe that will help?
  13. The punch I bought to change my CV Axles ended up going all the way through and snapping. The Company23 one desgined for Subaru.....does any one have any tips for getting this thing out? It's stuck really good and I can't drive to a mechanic because I accidentally used the the wrong Axle and now I need it off...
  14. Is the EA82 supposed to have a heat shield to protect the front passenger CV boot from heat from the exhaust? CV boots keep ripping...