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  1. PigEqualsBakon

    The journey has come to an end...

    Checker, ive got a spare EA82 I pulled from a scrapper sitting in the trunk of my EA81 wagon, and ive been looking to get it out so i can start driving it lol. Im in Vancouver BC so if you really wanted we could do something with themm im pretty close. The Car i pulled it from was in there for rust anyways, and the engine has 270K KM on the clock so about 160K Miles. No need to be so sad about it! its only a car, things can be fixed. We could swap my EA82 into it in under 2 hours if we really wanted to. Sadly I'm not interested in the car for myself, as I have my own EA81 wagon to get back on the road, and nowhere to work on it. Please, let me know so I can help keep that old girl on the road! and if anyone near him is buying the car, and needs an engine, let me know too!
  2. PigEqualsBakon

    Need a wheel for an 82 Brat

    I think I have some spare steelies for a '86/93 GL that should fit fine. Theyre not doughtnut sized spares though, theyre full size. Im in Vancouver BC and shipping to Utah is a bit on the expensive side. I also have the spare for my '83 wagon, but thats also not a full size.
  3. PigEqualsBakon

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    @carfreak85 So apparently I can get the car back as a "Dismantle Parts Only" status, so never driveable or insurable again, or as a salvage title, which can be rebuilt to "rebuilt" status which of course means a through inspection (not worth it tbh it has some really structurally critical rust). I'm going to email my adjuster to see if I can keep it as a DPO status, but I don't have anywhere to put it if I do go this route, and my insurance expires on the 31st and I don't want to renew it. So, if you do want it, I'll see how much it will cost me to keep it, and I'll just ask that amount from you and PM you all the details, because I have derailed this thread.
  4. PigEqualsBakon

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    I've told some guys I know who have a car group down in SF. Beat of luck.
  5. PigEqualsBakon

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    @carfreak85 I'll call and see what I can do. I think, I can buy it back as a salvage title, but then we can tow it to where ever it needs to go. You could always just give me the amount I spent to buy it back. I've also got a spare ea82 that was going to go in it eventually.
  6. PigEqualsBakon

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    The insurance company is willing to give me 1008$ for the car outright, I don't know how much it would cost to buy it back. Theres also the problem of location. I'm in Vancouver BC and the car isn't running super great right now anyways so I don't know how far it would go.
  7. PigEqualsBakon

    Need front left blinker for 86 GL10

    My '83 wagon is nearly stock, it just has a Weber and I've kept the Hitachi and all associated parts just in case... Except for the aluminum spoiler on the rear, looks factory but I don't know, the car is optioned out (minus the turbo and automatic tranny) so it might be. No frankensubie here.
  8. PigEqualsBakon

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    I'm afraid not, I sealed it all from the outside, so I never had that plastic off the car. You could always get a small metal-bristle brush in there to knock all the rust loose though. Slightly off topic but I'm going to post here anyways because this is a coupe thread. my coupe got rear ended, the back panel got caved in, the rust hole blew open completely, trunk lid un-damaged thankfully, one of the tail lights had a corner broken off. Frame might be bent a bit, body definitely is. Insurance totalled it and the repair is beyond my skills, nor do I have the space. Would you happen to need any coupe specific parts before I hand it to the insurance company? I know they're the least common of the 3rd gen L series. Mines an '86.
  9. PigEqualsBakon

    Door panels.

    The only thing I can think of is to get some sheets of flexible foam (I used ones for a bed when camping) it's usually yellow of blue. Maybe try to find some thinner sections, cut it the desired shape and maybe try glueing it to the metal? Then for the outside you could try applying some vinyl from maybe a fabric store, with a glue or maybe sew it on before you glue the foam to the metal? I've not done this myself and this is all I can think of off the top of my head. You could always try finding one in a scrapyard and taking out some door cards, but good luck finding a coupe. Custom door cards aren't unheard of though.
  10. PigEqualsBakon

    EA82 Coupe Hatch-area Water Leaks

    I've had water leaks from the tail light seals and from the black plastic seals along the top of the rear trim on the outside. Siliconed the crap out of all of it, and so far so good. I did have one more leak. It's was a very small rust hole under the back bumper on the body that developed when I washed my car with a garden hose and punched right through the thin layer of rust. I've also noticed that when you open the hatch on a rainy day, water likes to run off the corners of the rear glass, and drips right onto the plastic with the vent that protrudes in the trunk. That's another way those crevices like to fill with water. And from what I've seen on other cars, that's a notoriously bad spot for water to seep through the pinch welds and separate them.
  11. PigEqualsBakon

    Vintage plaid interior photos wanted

    this is very down scaled version of the scan I took, as the original scan is 10MB and I can only upload a 2MB image. Send me an email adress or something in a PM and I can get you the highest resolution.
  12. I've just recently pulled a scrapyard EA82 with a block heater that looked like it screwed right in to the underside of one of the heads, Passenger side I think? Might have been into a freeze plug but I'm not sure. I've seen some VWs that have a type that appears to be some sort of silicone or JB weld sheet that sticks itself to the oil pan, and is a heater blanket in practice. Ask a local parts store and I'm sure they'll help you out.
  13. PigEqualsBakon

    Vintage plaid interior photos wanted

    I've recently come into possession of a 1983 Paint and Upholstery pamphlet for GL/DL/Brats. It includes paint colors, and interior options on what models/trims. I can scan it and upload it here. The examples are a little small, but it should do the trick for giving you the right colours and patterns, as it's unfaded like some interiors might be.
  14. Went with the helicoil. I can't post pics as they're larger than 2mb and I'm on mobile. The other mounting hole was wiped out and used a helicoil on that too. Drilled and tapped nicely but it did put up a bit of a fight. So far so good, it seems to be holding. I've already loaded the car with 5 steel rims + tires and the spare in the trunk without issue but I probably won't load the car up too much. Helicoil seems to be the way to go!
  15. I've already gotten the correct helicoils, but the locking ones look promising too. I'll check if there's space for a nut when I get home.