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  1. GrizzlyFox

    07 forester xt

    Nice looking right, and it sounds like it will be all sorted out when you pick it up.
  2. GrizzlyFox

    Car Alarms For Old Subes?

    Car alarm ? I leave the keys in mine. If any thief can figure out how to start it, they can keep the cold blooded old rust bucket. Seriously though, a hidden starter switch or fuel pump switch is my best recommendation. That and don't leave it locked, or any thing worth stealing in the car.
  3. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Here are some extra pics of the Grizzly this summer. It's been a great little chase car for our camping trips. Until money and opportunity permits, we have to take two vehicles on our trips because they're not enough seatbelts or room in the cab of my old Dodge. I am holding out hope I can find a 70s club or crew cab dodge to haul my camper.
  4. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    I ended up installing my new springs this evening. I did not reinstall my upper strut lift because the stiffer springs make up for them. I actually think the front sits higher now with the new springs than it did with the old ones plus the lift blocks. The maiden voyage as far as snow plowing was Sunday morning. We had some pretty wet snow, maybe 3 inches. The car was able to push my long drive way without issue. Problem being the antique superwinch died. I have since picked up a harbor freight winch today, but have to reengineer my winch mount and wire it all up. I also have to build some kind of light bar to mount some headlights and turn signals to get them above the plow when it's raised up. Overall, I'm so happy and proud of how far this little car has come. It is a true Swiss army knife vehicle.
  5. GrizzlyFox

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    I ended up getting the 854s as well, installed them tonight without cutting any coils. The ride is stiff, but I'm not too picky. We will see how much of an improvement they yield once I have my snow plow back on.
  6. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Here's a almost current pick with 205/70/15 tires. I have since swapped to a 185/65/15 winter tire. I hope to have the new front springs on Monday evening. Then I can finish up building the snow plow set up.
  7. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Why have you decided to cut them? Are they just too stiff?
  8. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Tons of updates, but no pictures at the moment. The car is now sporting a 6 lug swap. I have also added the accord rear springs. Up front I made my own 2 inch lift blocks and will also be adding the Ford tempo springs as documented in Jezek's write up. I have also added a winch to the front bumper.
  9. GrizzlyFox

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    Any more updates on ride quality? I'm looking to order the same front springs, and hope to hear they're much stiffer than the stock ones. I am building a snow plow rig for my loyale, and the stock springs seem way too soft.
  10. GrizzlyFox

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    Following for updates, it's nice to see real world results. I'm looking to stiffen up the front end in my loyale as well.
  11. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Seat swap didn't take much. I made some brackets to adapt the rear mounts to meet up with the mounting points in the floor.
  12. GrizzlyFox

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    Now featuring the maxima alternator upgrade! I'm also managing a sweet 21mpg! Never got as good fuel economy with the ea81 carb, and the car seems to breathe a little better. It's still slow as can be, but I'm happier now that I'm not averaging 15pmg.
  13. GrizzlyFox

    88 GL charging issues

    Got the maxima alt installed! Sweet upgrade. Too bad i didn't actually need one. The charge fuse was showing good when I checked with my power probe, but I didn't actually pull it out to look at it. Dumb mistake, but it did look good until I checked it with the dvom and found it was burnt. Thanks again for the help guys. A nice reminder to keep it simple!
  14. GrizzlyFox

    88 GL charging issues

    Not too surprised if both of them are bad. I wasn't too sure how those lights were grounded, but if it is through the brushes then that makes sense. The one on the car definitely has something bad inside it. After removing it, I noticed a rattling noise when shaking it. The spare replacement is pretty crusty so I'm assuming corrosion may have killed something in that one as well. I will report back after the new maxima alt shows up and is installed. Thanks for the help fellas!
  15. 88 Gl ea82, aka mountain grizzly mk2. This week on my way home from the garage, I noticed my voltage gauge was just below 12v. Made it home with a dead battery. I figured I would replace the alt the following day, but I'm not sure if the spare I have here is good. My problem seems to be more than the normal failed alternator though. When the key is turned to run, I have no warning lights at all. I've checked all the fuses and fuse links with my power probe and everything checks out. I have a good ground at the alt, battery, and to the body. I swapped on a spare alt, and still have the same issues. I have battery voltage at both pins at the alt, and at the main charge cable. The battery is new, as are the terminals. Am I missing something here? I have a maxima alt on order, but it won't be in for a few days. Even if it turns out this is a wiring issue, I don't mind swaping in an upgrade. This car has 290k on it, and I have no idea if it is still wearing it's factory alternator.