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  1. the check engine light does not come on. the middle wire at the igniter has power as well as the middle wire at the coil pack but the other wires do not have power. where do i check under the hood fuse box, besides the fusible link?
  2. subpoop

    damn brakes

    damnsubaru and subpoop are the same person me. it might simplify things if everything gets transfered to damnsubaru.
  3. no power to the ecm. checked fuses it passed. it is hard for me to fit my big mitts up above the fuse box. smooth move subaru.
  4. i am working on my 1990 legacy and i think the ign relay is bad, no power to the ecm fuse is good. is the ign relay up above the fuse box and who was the idiot who put it up there?
  5. unfortunately it doesn't have power to the ecm the fuse is good but no power to the ecm.
  6. the timing belt is fine. found out there is no power to the ecm. it is supposed to go to the yellow wire with the red trace and it is supposed to be 12v constant. there is power to the fuse and through the fuse but then it disappears i am trying to get the fuse box out because it splits off into two wires so somewhere in that mess a wire is bad or the junction where it splits is bad. if i apply 12v to the ecm can i test it that way? when i test it out on the engine the light is supposed to light up and flash in time with the crank but it doesn't light up.
  7. i looked in the fsm and it doesn't tell me where the ign relay is just that it is a brown connector. but i think it is ok because the igniter and coil both get power, what else does this do.
  8. the fuel pump works. how well i am not sure. i took the fuel line off and squirted it into a bucket. it last ran two yrs ago, they drove it then parked it and it wouldn't start, so they did some checking and no spark, they took the coil pack off of a running vehicle and stuck it on and still no spark and lost interest. i changed the ecm because it smelled burned, and the crank sensor because the old one had a dent in the bottom and while i was at it i changed the cam sensor and the igniter box. there is 12v to the coil and igniter and the only thing i haven't changed is the ign relay but there is power to the components. just curious about the dent on the bottom of the crank sensor. how do i check the fuel pressure and what is it suppose to be.
  9. what brand of c/v tail/prop shaft should i get? all the old places go out of business or sell out to the chinese. my car is a 87 dl wagon.
  10. subpoop

    fixed it

    someone from her church fixed the exhaust leak and a/c and she drives it more than the mini van. the mini van keeps breaking down and she won't let me work on it because i won't join her church and i am not certified. but i am certifiable. just not a mormon.
  11. subpoop

    almost got it!

    it is a bad ground wire up under the dash. i found out from the lady i bought it from her 14 yr old son got mad when mom sold the car and grabbed the wires under the dash. then threw paint on the car. if i had tried that when i was a kid i wouldn't be sitting down yet. all she did was give him a time out and sent him to his room.
  12. can you jumper the connector with a wire?
  13. subpoop

    six speed?

    does the 10 spd count if you strap it to the roof?