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  1. I let someone test drive my 87 GL last weekend and just noticed now that My belt is loose and I’m missing a part! It must have fallen off while they were driving it. The belt is clearly loose now. Could someone help me identify the part/part number so I can get this car back on the road? Any info out there would be much appreciated.
  2. adot

    EA81 belt issues

    Thanks so much for the response! Luckily it was only driven around the block a few times so the engine didn’t get too hot. Looks like I have a water pump replacement to do for the first time. I’m looking forward to it
  3. I have an ea81 with a 32-36 DGAV Webber. Seems like the electric choke isn’t working. I’m hoping for advice on part number and advice on replacing it. I’m also considering putting in a manual choke instead. Anyone got some advice for me out there? I have zero carburetor experience as of now. Thanks! -a.
  4. I have recently found a GL wagon in a pick n pull near me that has a much nicer interior than what I’m currently dealing with. It has about 120k less miles on it’s body than mine (I’m at 310k!). That being said I have 310k miles of wear and tear on my interior. I’m considering swapping everything but the dash. While at it I would rewire speakers and interior lights. I hope to remove the carpet and do a rhino liner sort of flooring with drain plugs for easy cleaning as well. Mines an off-roader for sure, but why not make the ride comfy and pretty if I can?! My question: My wagon is an 87, the one I found is an 86. Will I have any issues fitting door panels, plastic panels wrapping the entire interior, ceiling upholstery, front/back seats, center console? Everything looks the same or similar from what I can tell at a glance. The dash boards and buttons are different but otherwise it appears the same but I don’t know that it really is. All advice and help is much appreciated! Also, I’m happy to pull parts for anyone in need. It’s been pulled from a bit but plenty of goods to be had still. Thanks! -adot
  5. Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate the info. I can move forward with a bit more confidence now. The color scheme is slightly different, but close. I think if I choose the right bits and pieces in the right spots it should look pretty good.
  6. I have an 87 GL 5spd 4x4. The shifter pulls right out when pulled upward. I’m trying to figure out which part I need. It seems like it could be a gear shift bushing but I’m just not sure. Any thoughts? Below are some pics of my problem area and the part I’m considering. Thanks!
  7. Great thanks! The help is much appreciated.
  8. I have 6 lug hubs on my 87 gl wagon. I’d like to install new calipers, rotors, breaks but I don’t quite know where to begin. How would I find out what kind of hubs I have and the proper parts to buy?
  9. Great thanks. I appreciate the help.
  10. I could use both really. I forgot to mention as well that it is 4x4.
  11. I’m looking for a shifter boot for my 87 gl wagon. Currently I can look straight down to the ground. I’ve searched the junk yards near me but the pickings are slim.
  12. Hey all, new Subaru owner here and beginner mechanic. I could use some help. I’ve got an ‘87 Gl with a 4” lift and bigger tires. Ea81 and Webber carb. I’ve been having a hard time accelerating from a stop. It also looses all power going up hill, freeway and just in town. My rpms are there, but the car isn’t moving hardly at all. I believe this issue started just before I inherited it from my friend 6 months ago. Since then I have replaced the fuel filters, done an oil change, and that’s about it. Last week the bushings on my clutch cable disentigrated causing the cable to loosen. I didn’t replace the bushing but did tighten the cable back up with just the tensioning bolts. It was running better (still not great) with the last tank of gas which was premium gas with some fuel system cleaner put in. Today I filled from almost empty with regular and my car is REALLY struggling to move. I’ve read from other threads to check fuel and air. I’ve been planning to replace the exhaust/cadalitic converter soon. Any other advise, thoughts or tips? Sorry for the novel and thanks for looking!
  13. Thanks for all the advice and help. I’ll be back soon enough with pictures and questions I garauntee it. I gotta get this thing mountain ready!
  14. Yeah it’s spinning 4000rpm while in gear and barely going anywhere. Seems like I may have my first attempt at a clutch job on my hands eh? Fun stuff! Anyone have advice on where to go from here? Parts and recommended threads or videos?
  15. Alright, sorry guys, first time being on a thread like this so I’m figuring out the processes. Thanks for being patient with me. As far as Hill incline, I mean ANY incline whatsoever. Seems like even flat land I’m having a hard time getting the car to move at all. The engine will spin upwards of 4K Rpms before moving more than a few feet from a stop. Once it gets up and moving I can keep that momentum up and shift into 2nd and 3rd ok reaching around town speeds of up to 45mph no problem, and maintain speed so long as I don’t hit ANY sort of incline again. Any size of incline greatly reduces the power, to the point I’ve flipped U-turns halfway up and found new ways Home. I live in western Washington so we have plenty of hills of all sizes. It doesn’t seem to matter what size the incline, they all zap the power away. The steeper the Hill the faster I slow down and less chance I seem to have of making it all the way up. Rpms will still spin upwards or 4K-4.5k and the car still loses all power. I hope that’s enough detail to help diagnose this thing. Thanks again.
  16. How would I go about checking on my own if it’s the distributor? I appreciate all the help diagnosing my issue here
  17. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m at work now but will try this when I get home.