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  1. Another question.....Even with the headlight switch in the off position his headlights come on every time the car is started, day or night. And they go off when the E-brake is pulled. Is that normal for these cars?
  2. Well, I charged the car overnight and took it back down there. The tester was still saying the battery voltage was too low to test. Wonder if their tester is goofy?
  3. I'll have to do that because I took it out and had it tested last night and the bench test said it passed...
  4. Are the remans really that bad for these cars?
  5. I tried that last night and when the guy hooked it to the tester it told him there wasn't enough battery power to perform the test. The voltage read barely over 12v without the car running. I tested it myself before I left for Autozone and got barely over 12v not running and tested it again running and it was the same. I think I'll try taking the alternator to them to have it bench tested next??
  6. Yeah, he drives it everyday but not for long distances. We replaced the battery last year so I'd be shocked if it was bad already. I was thinking I'd pull the alternator and take it to Autozone or something and have it tested.
  7. Hi, My son's 2000 Legacy is doing something strange. About every two weeks or so it will not start and needs to be jumped. Once we jump start it we can get it home but while driving the flashers flash and he gets other strange lights flashing. We charge the battery overnight and the car is fine for about ten days to two weeks. Could this be the alternator failing? He is not getting any warning lights telling him it's not charging?? Or are these cars prone to having a slow electrical drain I should be looking at? Thanks!