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    Junkyard Gem (autoblog)

    What junkyard is this in? I'm in Denver right now and need the shifting linkage!
  2. Now that I either have purchased, or am in the process of purchasing all of the parts needed for my build, I thought I would check in just to make sure I have my ducks in a row. I'll start at the rear and go forward Rear Disk Swap: hubs, disks, backing plates, calipers, brake line. I have read that the stock proportioning valve is fine, and I have read that you should install the valve from the donor. Which is it? 5 speed D/R Swap: transmission, Jerry's swap kit, driveline modified with 51 inches of new tubing. No real questions here, other than making sure I'm not missing any pieces. A.C. into non A.C. Vehicle: Couldn't find a whole lot on this. A sticker on my '82 says its capable of being fitted with A.C., so I'm assuming just see what the '85 has that it doesn't and swap it all over? Any other pointers? EJ22 Swap: engine, y pipe, modified harness, modified EA82 flywheel, EA to EJ adapter. It looks like I'm going to end up with a dual port motor. It seems like most people pull the whoooole harness and clip it down from there. Is that really needed? Or can I just pull everything forward of the driver's seat? I know that an OEM XT6 pressure plate is the way to go, but it sounds like a lot of people do well just stepping the flywheel of .815. I only plan on running 27 inch tires and not really wheeling it (that's what my truck is for). Any input in that front? Also, as far as mating the EJ compressor to the EA system, I'll just need custom lines and run the updated freon? Since my '82 is a DL it doesn't have a oil meter (just a light) and from what I understand the EJ only has a light as well. Any chance is plug and play? I'm going to start rust rehab shortly. The dream would be to do a complete teardown and have everything Rhinolined (or similar). My brother has had 2 vehicles done and I feel like it can't be beat, but its also pricey. Anyways, thanks for the help!
  3. I realized after I read through that thread that I actually have read it before. It was probably at 2a.m. some day so I'm not surprised I don't remember it. I think it answers my question well enough, but it doesn't look like anyone had the exact flares I mentioned without a lift. If I end up going that route I'll be sure to post the results here. I'm also sending you a PM, Numbchux.
  4. Ha, well that's embarrassing (but extremely helpful). Thanks for that! I will try to be more diligent about searching in the future. I'm trying to remember what I was reading that you were referenced... I want to was it was for EJ/EA harness splicing?
  5. Here are what my fenders look like now. I would patch the step hole and build a bumper similar to the one above.
  6. So it looks like I am going the 5MT/EJ22 route on my BRAT. Between the low gearing and higher output, I understand tire spin might be an issue in wet conditions. I would like to install larger tires to alleviate the issue, but I don't really want to do a lift. It's kind of a shame because of how nice the body is, but I also kinda like the way the 1980s Toyota flares look. My question is, does anyone know what tire sizes are possible with these flares but no lift? The extra ground clearance is also attractive, though I don't really plan on doing any serious offloading.

    RX to BRAT Compatibility

    It is the two door and it has the switch on the console for the locking diff. Hmm I may pass on it, the seller isn't very responsive anyway. I mainly want to get away from my current 4 speed box to support the EJ swap, so I think I will just go with a 5MT like everyone else. I feel like unless you are doing some pretty serious offroading the locking diff and rear disks are more about bragging rights than appreciable increased performance. Not that I wouldn't hop on either of the price was right! Thanks for the input!

    RX to BRAT Compatibility

    It is AWD. Would shaft spline count complicate anything?. The asking price is $1400, and it has 150k on the odometer. I figure getting a lot of the premium parts in one shot might be worth the hours I would save looking for them individually. I just need the seller to get back to me. One concern I do have--I know RXs aren't exactly common, so am I going to have problems with repairing/replacing any of this stuff? My main concern would be the dual range awd transmission.
  9. Hey guys, first time Subaru owner here. Last week I ended up with 2 BRATs, an '82 DL and '85 GL. The body on the '82 is in not quite excellent condition but pretty good from others I've seen. The '85 has some parts the '82 needs but I would not feel comfortable driving it, so I am planning on canabailizing the '85. I might have the opportunity to buy an '89 RX for a reasonable price. From what I understand, the 5 speed dual range transmission, rear disk brakes, and locking differential should all swap over correct? I just want to make sure before I go too crazy. The plan would be to ditch the turbo EA81and do an early EJ22 swap. Thanks for the help!