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    I was looking on how to calibrate a TPS , on the internet google
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    I'm a weekend do it yourself mechanic, who love my subaru and looking for other subaru enthusiast. love God also love to work on cars , fishing and family .
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    1996 2.5 Legacy Outback

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  1. The performance is sluggish lack of power , i believe by removing the cats i can gain some power Thanks...
  2. Thanks guys for your replies, my state florida don't have a emission testing requirement , my other question is can the outback perform well with out the catalytic converters? Thanks.
  3. I have a 96 2.5 Outback Can I replace both catalytic converters and weld a straight pipe? Would this change bring me any issues? Thanks..
  4. Thank you very much for your reply. I will check with others and ask if they experience the same or similar symptoms.
  5. My 96 Outback 2.5, hesitates when i have the a/c on , the idle and acceleration is sluggish. i have replace many components and also knock sensor , MAP sensor , clean the IAC, replace the fuel regulator valve and EGR valve. I don't know what to do next , I just bought park plugs wires and plugs . The funny thing is when i turn off the a/c the car runs fine. May be i'm missing something?
  6. Thanks for your response, if i replace the IAC will the ECU recognise it and adjust the valve to its regular RPM.
  7. I need help to resolve this on going issue , everytime i start my legacy (96 2.5 Eng) RPM goes up to 4000 and slowly goes down below 1000. how can i adjust this issue????
  8. Thank you very much for your great advice, i will get on it asap . Thanks , idosubarus !
  9. Hi Everyone: Name is Sam i just joint in , i live in south florida and love to cruise on my outback glad to joint . I have a question . I have replace the IAC valve. EGR valve ,Fuel regulator. Ignition coil and the map sensor .and i still have poor acceleration and when i turn on the car the acceleration goes almost to 3000 to 4000 rpms and goes slowly to 1000 rpms. Can anyone give me some advice on what i need to do or what i did wrong. My next step is to replace the spark plugs. Thanks Guys .