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  1. idahofarmboy

    Brat windshield options or mods

    After further contemplation, I think I'll restore one as close to original as possible and make it pretty. I'll take the best parts from all three for that one. I'll make the second one my reliable but less pretty daily driver that I may actually let my kids drive. The third I'll use for parts. Sounds like a reasonable price for the glass. PM sent.
  2. Due to a family friend selling the farm, downsizing, and moving away, I just bought his collection of three brats. 78 parts car and a 79 and 81 which are drivable. He also filled the beds with spare engines, transmissions, and other parts. I want to fix them up, but the fact you can't get a windshield really bothers me. The third one could easily be restored to running again and hit the roads IF I can get a windshield for it. I'm afraid of spending too much money on the ones that are running because one stray rock and the whole thing becomes undrivable forever! Has anyone come up with other windshield options? Any mods to get a different one to fit? Any way to get a glass company to make them again? Has anyone done a DIY windshield with flat glass options? I tried searching but did not find anything. I guess I could just take the windshield out and drive with motorcycle goggles if the weather is nice. All the other hard to find parts can usually be fabricated, swapped, or modified with other parts and a bit of creativity. But to me, the windshield is the Achilles heel of this car. If the two I have break, I'll have three cars I can't drive. Surely there must be options! Please help me out here.
  3. An old family friend is selling his farm and moving south. He no longer has room for his Brats and the parts he has collected over the years. I just bought all three and his parts collection and will pick them up tomorrow. Two run, the third is a parts car. The two that run are a 1979 and 1981. My wishlist: Windshield and gasket Tail lights, right and left Steering wheel Seats. They do not have to be original seats. Is there another car that makes a good donor car for seats that fit well and are easier to find? Tailgate in good shape. Doesn't have to be perfect, just better than the one I have. Once I sort through the collection of parts that come with the cars I will see if I can fulfill some of the wishes listed above. Thanks.