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  1. GUMBall

    Brat Roll Bar Value??

    Thanks, that's the plan
  2. GUMBall

    Brat Roll Bar Value??

    Thanks, that's spot in what I was thinking! Havent even seen close up pictures of this one but judging on the condition of the whole car it's on it will for sure need some work. I had planed on just blasting and powder coating it anyway. Also I've actually never even seen one in person . Do they happen to break down in two pieces or is it solid welded together? Would help me out with shipping if it does break down.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a high bar for my '78 brat. I'm in GA and I've found a guy in TX that's willing to sell me his and ship. But what are they really worth? Cant seem to find one anywhere local unfortunately.